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[TV] PPV price point - what would you be prepared to pay?

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Would you pay £9.95 for PPV matches involving the Albion?

  • No. Against the concept of PPV

    Votes: 36 22.1%
  • Yes - for pretty much all matches

    Votes: 35 21.5%
  • Yes - for about half to three quarters of matches

    Votes: 12 7.4%
  • Yes for about 5-10 or so matches

    Votes: 19 11.7%
  • Yes - the occasional one here and there

    Votes: 31 19.0%
  • Only consider it if it was lower still (please give sensible maximum price)

    Votes: 30 18.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Brighton Lines

The Manifestation of Moribund
Apr 5, 2014
I think if we subscribe to Sky and BT (I do) we know that only a certain amount of Albion matches will be shown. Everything recent has been a bonus.

If season tickets are being refunded I don't think it unreasonable to expect to pay a levy beyond usual coverage to watch.

A season ticket must work out at £20 a match minimum so half the cost seems reasonable, especially for away matches.

I'm fine with a tenner. I'd probably watch them all.


Oct 11, 2006
Its not just the single price this has to be considered across the season ie if paying £14.95 for 1 maybe 2 games a season is not too bad but if we are looking at multiple games then its no way. Will the distribution of games be fair for all teams or will sky, bt, amazon keep the big games on normal service meaning fans of the other 14 pay more disproportionately?

Personally I won't even consider £14.95 might do £5 but I doubt I will bother unless its an end of season decider certainly won't be arsed for 5:30pm on a Monday.

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Dec 29, 2014
Definitely think it should be cheaper than a Now TV Day Pass.

Fiver a game is a price that would have me questioning the value of risking an unofficial stream.



Oct 18, 2010
I think £9.95 still feels too high, although I will pay that on Saturday / Sunday for NowTV 24 hour pass and get 5 games including Brighton V Palace, the other games are of interest but will probably only watch 5-10 minutes of each, if that. If I could pay £6.95 for just the Brighton game I would definitely not bother with other matches. If I could pay £200 lump sum for every Brighton game in a season, then I would almost certainly do that too. £15 is ridiculous and I would only pay that 1/2 dozen times in a season at best. I live in Liverpool so all the pubs are currently shut, but usually any game on BT Sport or Sky costs me £2.80 for a pint literally round the corner. Why pay more?
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WSU Ruffian
Jul 5, 2003
Naylor advising PPV will continue during lockdown, but that price may change

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