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[Football] Potter [NOT] at Chelsea

Potter at Chelsea

  • I want him to fail

    Votes: 365 48.2%
  • I want him to succeed

    Votes: 73 9.6%
  • He's gone. I'm indifferent. Graham who?

    Votes: 320 42.2%

  • Total voters

Fignon's Ponytail

Well-known member
Jun 29, 2012
On the Beach
Will Ferrell Lol GIF


Well-known member
NSC Patron
Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Boehly, again, showing zero knowledge of the sport. Loving this.

Shirley the ‘great minds’ of their sporting committee, the greatest brains from across European football [a former nsc told us], could’ve come up with someone more inspiring that morose, overly cocky Fat Frank.


Huge Member
Oct 19, 2003
Most entertaining club in the premier league. Just not on the pitch. 🤣

5Ways Gull

È quello che è
Feb 2, 2009
Fiveways, Brighton
Chelsea have opened talks with Frank Lampard over a stunning return as interim manager as they continue to search for a permanent replacement for Graham Potter. Lampard is ready to help on a short-term basis at the club where he played for more than a decade and was sacked as head coach in January 2021.
Bringing back an old manager. So having failed with the 'let's do exactly what Brighton do' approach they are adopting 'let's do exactly what Palace do'

Mo Gosfield

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Aug 11, 2010
Decent manager at a certain level. Too indecisive and too inconsistent to reach the higher echelons of management and stay there. Better record at Chelsea than at Brighton suggests that too many look at his spell with us through rose tinted specs. We have gone up a level since he left and are still improving.
The media bought into the hype about him and that will keep him in the spotlight, despite his torrid, short and out of depth time at Chelsea.

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