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[Albion] Positives from Tonight

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Aug 6, 2011
Bognor Regis
Only the top nine teams have lost less games than us.
Tau, Alzate, Moder, Ali J all played some minutes.
We are now getting mainstream media coverage as an accepted Premier League club that is recognised around the world.
We own Bissouma.
The stress level of watching Brighton has been reduced.
We no longer play at an athletics stadium, unlike West Ham.

Wardy's twin

Oct 21, 2014
We continue to watch Brighton in the best league in the world who would have thought that 20 years ago or even 6 years ago.

Like the last time we were in the top division it's been a bit of a struggle and never the same as being a big club in the third tier and winning often at home.

We are better than we were in the previous 3 seasons, not so much of an easy win but still plenty to do . Progress in small steps and small margins have big implications, look at how WHU and SU roles have been reversed.

Yes we might finish 4th from bottom but this time there a much bigger gap to the bottom 3 and a bit of luck/courage/better finishing/less dodgy refs we could have been 13th-15th

Yes I want to see us higher but let's be realistic we are a mile away from where we have been and yards away from where we want to be.

Publius Ovidius

Jul 5, 2003
at home
Positive - managed to watch all of “ show us your voice” and switch over to see us pass back a few times, then score then concede. Switched over to j Ross.

Still wondering why I spent 28 on a Man City game, unless we are actually going to give it a right go and not pass back once..... nah. Not going to happen

Can’t even BOOOOOO propper.


Sep 9, 2003
1) A good point against a strong West ham side who needed the points.
2) AJ looked lively and created chances as did Alzate.
3) Welbeck looking sharper with each game
4) Nice to not see Maupay not miss a sitter.


Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
We were ahead with 3 minutes to go. Most would claim failure to win from there is a case of dropped points.

I wouldn’t......equally with 4 minutes to go I bet most were hoping we held on for a point against a top 6 team.

Re positives......would most have been happy at the start of the season with potentially being 11 points clear of the bottom 3 with 2 games left I wonder ?


Jul 5, 2003
The positive is that we got a point which was not really deserved.

The most frustrating thing, again, was the over-complicated passing routines in the West Ham box when there were opportunities to take a shot We really should try a bit of "shoot on sight" and see if that can increase our goal tally.


My Hair is like his hair
Jan 20, 2006
West...West.......WEST SUSSEX
Not necessarily, but then you’ve selectively chosen one of our most iconic and popular shirts. Do I prefer our current shirt to a lot of other kits? yes, I do.
Thats why i dislike it so much though, it is so far removed from our well loved iconic stripes but then i suppose i am an old fart & wouldnt buy a shirt anyway. The new shirt is probably a marketing decision & not a nostalgic throwback to a favourite era.(although the current one is a throwback to the all blue strip):thumbsup:


May 17, 2017
Genuinely fascinated to hear why dropping points isn't a negative...

Because it’s not a binary choice as I am sure you well know. You can drop points and still take positives from a game. There were positives from last night.


Jul 14, 2014
The more I reflect on last night the more positive I am. That game was huge for West Ham, given their situation it was one of their biggest games of the season and they were at full strength.

We had nothing to play for and were missing 5 guaranteed starters 4 of which play in our back 5. And yet we held them really pretty comfortably and were certainly the better team in the second half.

Once we get over the disappointment of the late equaliser I am sure that’s a huge confidence booster for the team to take into next season.

Well said. Yet still people on here complain.


My Hair is like his hair
Jan 20, 2006
West...West.......WEST SUSSEX
Well said. Yet still people on here complain.
If they had scored first and then we equalised late on i doubt there would have been much debate on here that it was a good result. I think fans are just gutted we couldn't close out a game but then West Ham had a say in that. Next day we've calmed down and realised it was a fair result against a Hammers side who have played well this season.

Now to beat City.
Nov 5, 2004
Can someone remind we who we have loaned in this season to strengthen our 1st team squad?

Our opposition always seam to have a quality loan player [or two] in their squad - Lingard as yesterday's example - that the club does not OWN

Am I correct in saying that the number is ZERO?

I like that - we are where we are without dipping into other club's cast-offs

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