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[Albion] Player Ratings - Newport (a)

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May 19, 2009
Brighton, United Kingdom
Steele - 5 Hideous mistake for the goal but showed great courage in the shootout
White - 7 - Some good work especially going forward
Dunk - 8 - Apart from the one error thought he wa excellent won everything
Webster - 7 Decent and tried to make things happen by bringing the ball out
March - 8 - Did well and scored a good goal maturing now into a very good player.
Bissouma - 7 Tired on the gluepot but ran the game mostly
Gross - 6 - Neat and tidy without creating much
Ali J - 4, Not producing looks shot of confidence and needs taking out of the firing line
MacAllister - 5 - Kept waiting for a show of quality still waiting
Maupay - 5 - Don't want to be too harsh but overplaying and taking too many touches. Worried.
Zeqiri - 5 - Showed what I thought not ready yet for English football, needs a loan somewhere to get up to speed.

Tau - 6 Flashes that show he's different to what we have will need to sharpen up but hopefully that will come.
Propper - 7 Thought he was positive and improved our control.
Veltman - 5 - Not much to do
Bernardo - 5 Didn't offer much
Trossard - 4, I wonder about his mental strength and application? So inconsistent and flakey. One week he looks a star the next disinterested.

Aug 6, 2011
Bognor Regis
Whatever marks everyone thinks each player deserves, it's worth remembering that Steele produced one of the greatest penalties shoot-out displays for a goalkeeper ever.
They were four incredible saves.

Well done Jason Steele.

(and I know that if he hadn't messed up he wouldn't have needed to be facing penalties)
Feb 10, 2009
Several outstanding saves and poor shooting stopped us winning in normal time. Harsh to mark as individuals because of conditions. Withdean never as bad. Burnley with Barnes and Wood would be ok but number of passes we try and play no chance

Southend at home?

Withdean was regularly worse than that.


Aug 8, 2011
I dont like 3 at back. One of 3 always seems to spend most of time at full back. Yesterday was White. Dont understand why we are one of very few sides that persevere with this.. Yesterday reminded me of Sheffield game when every long ball we looked in trouble. Duffy as a footballer not a patch on what we have now but defence though not as pretty looked a lot more secure


Nov 30, 2011
Steele 5
White 5
March 7.5
Dunk 7
Webster 7
Bissouma 6
Gross 6
Ali J 6
MacAllister 5
Maupay 5
Zeqiri 5.5

Tau 6.5
Propper 7
Trossard 5
Bernardo 5
Veltman 6


Sep 15, 2004
Hurst Green
No ratings, not able to in a detailed fashion judge elite footballers from how they play on amateur pitches (even though I love seeing it).

Most of us were brought up watching football on pitches like that and some of the best players in the world from yesteryear could really play on them. Half the problem now is they are unable to adapt to the conditions. Top players can.
May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
Most of us were brought up watching football on pitches like that and some of the best players in the world from yesteryear could really play on them. Half the problem now is they are unable to adapt to the conditions. Top players can.

Indeed, if the current crop of pampered academy players are elite footballers I wonder how we should best describe the likes of George Best. He (they) played on ploughed up fields whilst being hacked down for 90 minutes.


Stay Frosty
Oct 27, 2008
Still in Brighton
Another good game for Webster imo, including some balls to take a pen (delighted to see him and Dunk score). Early doors was definitely not impressed with him at the Albion but he's turned me around. I have been critical of Potter but Webster and Solly have come on heaps under him.

Wardy's twin

Oct 21, 2014
Do the streams show different games because there are some remarkable differences in scores for the same player.

Steele made two mistakes, one missing the ball for their goal (almost unforgiveable) and then that really awkward bounce which the striker did very well to read. He made himself very big when Dunk made mistake in opening minutes which forced striker to place wide. He also did a couple of other good save, distribution was very good and penalty saves out of this world. Certainly a 7 for me.

Dunk made a mistake in first few minutes and then was excellent at both ends 8 for me.

Bissouma was again carrying the midfield , no wonder he tires let alone the clash with Webster 7.5 for me

March busiest player, fittingly scored. Yes if he could beat a player then he would be better but 8.5 for me.

Webster a 7.5

Maupay, Ali J, Trossard, Mac Alister, Bernardo 4 (at best)

White, Propper , Gross 5

Zeqiri, Tau 6


Jan 27, 2014
Steele - 8 - Not played for months made a couple of errors but more than made up with a brilliant shootout display .

White - 6- did ok but I felt he was enjoying seeing his old team mates a little to much one nice nutmeg hope he's not an addition to our injury list.
Dunk - 8- An awfully bobbly pitch caught him out early but captain fantastic there after, unlucky not to score in open play getting back to nearer his best after an extended dip in form.
Webster - 8- With Dunk improving so too is Webster, could do nothing about the own goal played really well and scored the eventual winning pen, I really don't think our problems are at the back.

Ali J - 4- very disappointing game looked really short of confidence several times he was in good positions but failed to try and go past players.
Bissouma - 8- His usual batterling performance we are going to miss him next game needs help.
Gross - 6- Nothing outstanding but always dependable then I think he was trying to make up for others
March - 8 - MOM well taken goal the only starter that wanted to take players on this is the midfield area of the pitch is where we are struggling

Maupay - 6- Neil really looks out of sorts is he lacking confidence, I don't know what it is, he works hard with little results awful pen but by the time the ball gets to him every man and his dog has got back behind the ball I am not sure Messi would flourish in this team at the moment.
Zeqiri - 6- unlucky not to score but like Maupay feeding off scraps.
Mac Allister - 4- Really disappointed with his game last night a couple of moments but generally I forgot he was even on the pitch.

Trossard - 4- see MacAllister as virtually the same stats he a luxurary player and not one for a cold night in Wales up against league 2 defenders.
Tau - 7- An impressive start I am not sure what position Potter told him to take up as he was all the over the place but some nice link up play could have scored, you could clearly see his higher levels of enthusiasm and energy that a number of the team just don't have at this time, can Tau give the midfield the boost it needs, only if he is given another game.
Propper - 7- The team improved with his introduction Bissouma cannot do it alone
Bernardo - 6- He did OK nothing special can remember one good cross
Veltman - 5- can't score any higher only as he had such a limited time came on very late for an injured White.

The game was entertaining in no small way due to a Newport team that worked hard as a individuals and for each other. Well done Brighton we won and in the hat for the next round.
A win was important as the next two games are not going to be easy and going into that after a lost might shatter what feels like a fragile team, we desperately need a big mobile centre forward to arrive in this window

Shooting Star

Apr 29, 2011
March once again proved why he is leading contender in my eyes for POTS. Glad he was taken off after the goal because he'd more than done his shift and didn't deserve to have to endure another 30 minutes because the rest of the team can't see a result out.
Aug 10, 2012
The Black Country
Steele - 5 Had an early howler and seemed to settle. Distribution was excellent but then dropped that clanger. Penalty heroics redeemed him slightly.
White - 6 was deployed at right back and did ok. Enjoyed his nutmeg towards the end of the 90. Still, should be playing at CB
Dunk - 8. Almost dropped us in it at the beginning but was imperious after that
Webster - 8. Solid performance. His ability to take the ball out of defence is often overlooked. Great penalty at the end.
March - 7. well taken goal and good deliver at corners. Seemed to run out ideas at times
Bissouma - 7 first half he was excellent but fades in the second
Mac allister - 5. Nothing seemed to come off for him
Gross - 6. Standard Gross. Good penalty taker
AJ - 5. Thought he was pretty rubbish in the first half. Did slightly better in the second so bumped him up a point.
Maupay - 4. Below par which is probably a reflection of his current confidence levels.
Zequiri- 6. Lots of running and an acrobatic effort that was well saved.

Trossard - 3. Just awful. Worst penalty of the night.
Tau - 7. Looked lively
Propper - 7. Comfortable on the ball and should have scored.
Veltman - n/a. Wasn’t on the pitch long enough.


Mar 13, 2013
I can't see why steele would get such a high mark. If he hadn't have ****ed up, we wouldn't have got as far as the penalties. white can be fleet of foot for a defender, but he seems very slow of thought once he gets to the final third. trossard, stop trying to showboat and instead choose a pass to a blue shirt. Bernardo. he's like a left footed defending cms and falls over.
County did their homework and defended deep. There was no room for anyone to cut into the channels. Against citah there will be.....shame we won't have the ball to exploit it
Forgot to mention tau. There's something about him which I like. Oh yeah, he's not afraid to shoot

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