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[Albion] Player ratings - first half of the season

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May 13, 2019
As I'm sure you've heard, a lot of the kids these days say "2020 suck balls, lets go back to December 2003". And I am man of the people.

Here we go:


Michel Kuipers 6
Started the season as backup, and even went on loan to Hull for a while. Performed once he got the chance and kept a clean sheet for three straight games. Easily the best statistics out of the two keepers, but oddly enough he seems to be on his way out, as the club says it cant afford to have "two first keepers". On his way back from a car accident.

Ben Roberts 4
Impressed on loan last season and started this one as number one. As he conceded a lot of goals, critisism started to grow. A big mistake against QPR was followed by two big mistakes at the end of the game against Plymouth, and then tried to dribble but failed and conceded against Boston. Injured his back after that and lost his place to Kuipers. Made comeback after his injury and got the confidence of new manager, Mark McGhee, before he once again started dribbling which meant a loss and a new injury.


Danny Cullip 8
Cullip is the centerpiece of the defense and probably one of the best defenders in the league. He has, as always, taken a lot of responsibility and rarely makes a mistake. The leader of this team, and we can hope he makes other defenders improve this spring.

Guy Butters 7
Surprise of the year this far. A lot of us were doubting him when "Pizza-Guy" got the chance in central defense after Blackwell got his long term injury. Butters who had previously been overweight and wanted out by the fans took the chance and has shown he is a class defender. Very important on set pieces in both directions.

Kerry Mayo 7
"Ginger-Spice" has as usual been consistent. Never seems to have a bad game and is irreplacable as left back. Hated by defenders because of his rough playstyle, but very important for Brighton. Could be a bit more brave in attack as he got the qualities.

Paul Watson 5
Way too inconsistent. Some good games and some horrible ones. Has been suffering a lot of injuries which may have affected him. Is capable of better, and recently he won back the right defender spot. We're still awaiting Wattos powerful free kicks.

Adam Hinshelwood 5
Started the season on the bench. But injuries soon gave Hinsh the chance. Made appearances both as central defender and to the right, but is currently on the bench. However the future is with him, and he will be very valuable to Brighton. Close to a 6 rating.

Adam El-Abd 5
Surprise number two. Started the season in the youth team, but after making his debut in the reserve team, he soon also got a chance in the first team. Been very consistent in the four games he has started, even though a few "rookie" mistakes has occured. Will turn great in the future. Close to a six, but played too little.

Robbie Pethick 4
36 year old Pethick have played in every position in the team except for goalkeeper and in attack. Plays when necessary and brings experience, but he has lost his pace and fire. Probably wont play much in the spring.


Richard Carpenter 7
Started the season unusually weak, but is now playing the way we want him to. Key player in midfield and got more defensive responsibilities this year. Still a threat on set pieces, which he showed against Wycombe when he scored a free kick from 30 meters. Unquestionably our playmaker this spring as well.

Charlie Oatway 6
Started the season brilliantly. True to habit he ran several miles in every game, yelling and dominating and winning balls in midfield. Unfortunately injured his back and Oatway was out for months, which could also be the reason for our recent poor form. Oatway bring leadership and is great at winning the ball. Made his comeback in the Wycombe game and will be very important.

Gary Hart 6
Agressive and attack, but just one goal so far for Hart. Been more inconsistent than usual, but the last few games Harty has shown his high class. Needs to perform better to keep his place though.

Nathan Jones 5
The Welsh Wizard has shown very little of his usual self. The technical left winger started in almost all of the games because of the lack of competition, but Nathans performances have been far from convincing. Possibly feel too certain of his place. Good at home, but very poor away. Needs to be good if we are going to get promoted.

Simon Rodger 5
Started every game in the beginning and performed the way everyone expected from him. A bad knee injury will keep Jolly Rodger out for the season and the few performances is the reason for his low rating.

John Piercy 5
Coppell never really liked him, but McGhee does. Played to the right as well as to left and up front. Needs to raise his lowest level a bit if he wants to keep a spot in the team. Three goals so far is pretty good though.

Daniel Harding 3
For a bit too long, people have seen Harding as a young and talented winger. Only made a few short performances this season, but has shown nothing to suggest he should get more chances. Should probably go back to the reserve team.

David Lee 2
The eternal reserve team player, who scored a lot of goals in the reserve league. Got the chance in the LDV Vans Cup but played so badly McGhee must have regret even giving him the chance. Will stay in the reserve team this spring... until he leaves for good.


Leon Knight 9
Started the season on loan from Chelsea. Four goals in two games was enough to convince the Brighton staff to sign the pacy little striker permanently. QPR also wanted him and a few days of nervosity followed, but Knight went for Brighton in the end and we are extremely thankful for that. Leonking so far scored 18 goals in 21 games and no one misses Zamora at the moment. Easily the brighest shining start and perhaps even could threaten legend Peter Wards goal record.

Chris McPhee 7
Surprise number three. The young, local lad probably thought he would be spending most of the season on the bench. But after several succesfull substitution appearances and because of Darius Hendersons recall to Reading, McPhee got the chance and really took it. 9 goals this far. Getting better with each game and looks very promising.

Loan players
Mark Yeates 7
Came in October from Tottenham and the young Ireland-man (Ireman?) didnt need long to show what a big talent he is. Loan deal is currently to January 23 but if McGhee gets to decide, he will stay.

Darius Henderson 7
Very good complement to Knight at the beginning of the season. Big and strong player who created a lot, but also missed too many chances. Recalled to Reading after two months, but not getting much play time there. Could come back if McGhee wants it.

Zesh Rehman 5
Impressed a lot when he was brought in to cover for the injured midfielders. Scored on his debut against Rushden and played very well in the game after that. Injuries, sickness and less good performances in the end, together with Carpenters comeback and loaning Yeates, means he is now stuck on the bench. Probably will return to his club now when Oathway is back.

Ross Flitney 5
Clean sheet in his first two games and couldnt do much about the two goals against Swindon. Lack of confidence and character plus few performances pull his rating down.

This is a translation of some Swegull article written by Patrik Backlund back in December 2003 (which may or may not be now)


Jan 16, 2019
they've had a bit of a mare with Ben Roberts there haven't they? One of our greatest ever goalkeepers in my opinion

also where's Adam Virgo?!

I feel like Harding was established at Left Back by December as well, but may be wrong


Jan 16, 2019
it was a weird season this one. We looked brilliant at times, started the season well under Coppell, really faltered after he left with a poor caretaker spell under Bob Booker and McGhee took a few games to get going

I remember us comfortably beating eventual league winners Plymouth at home on sky- Leon Knight was on fire that game.

McGhee eventually got us playing very structured, organised football built around discipline and hard graft. There were some real characters in that team, and then up front when we got Knight's partner right, and he went through a few that year (Henderson, McPhee, Benjamin, Iwelumo) he'd bang in the goals

and then obviously the dramatic play offs

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