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[Albion] Player ratings Brighton vs West Ham

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports


May 13, 2019
Jason Steele 7 - two decent saves (though both of them were fairly casual) and great passing

Tariq Lamptey 4 - feels harsh given the circumstances but he really was bad before getting injured/subbed
Adam Webster and Lewis Dunk... 6 for both. Not that they did anything wrong, they just had f*** all to do.
Pervis 7 - good as usual without really reaching the level he's had in some games

Moises Caicedo 9 - this boy is worth about 5 league table positions alone... fantastic. Again.
Pascal Gross 8 - nearly as good as Caicedo, especially in the second half when he had a bit more space to pass into
Alexis 7 - bad first half, good second

Kaoru Mitoma 8 - great again
Evan Ferguson 8 - not too involved in the first half a few occasions aside, but whenever he had the ball he did the right thing with it
Solly March 8 - performed consistently over the entire game and was the best player in the first half

Joel Veltman 8 - scored a goal (or arguably was given one) from a corner! With his chest!
Facundo Buonanotte 7 - looked lively and maybe should have had a penalty
Danny Welbeck 8 - nice goal and could arguably have had another
Enciso and Sarmiento played too little but were both excellent in their cameos


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Steele 8.5 - saved the critical one on one.

Lamptey 4 - kept passing to Hammers when under no pressure.
Dunk 8.5
Webster 7 - a couple of blunders led to dangerous attacks, a much better second half.
Estupinan 8.5 - immense double act going forward, too ambitious first half at times giving Bowen freedom to attack space.

Caicedo 9
Gross 9 - watched him with and without the ball, he was brilliant, outclassing his opponents, makes us tick.
Mac Allister 8.5 - ditto to Gross on all counts.
March 8 - great balls in.
Mitoma 9 - the destroyer, astonishing bursts of pace.

Ferguson 9 MOTM - equally our best defender and an exhibition of target man play.

Veltman 9 - their attacks down our right came to nothing once he came on. A headed goal from 2’ high sealing the points.

Enciso 7.5
Buonanotte 8 - class
Sarmiento 6.5
Welbeck 8 - I knew he’d score against ‘that defence.

Stat Brother

Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
Guessing you're neither pissed, high or desperate for attention?
The TEAM played so beautifully, with fluid stylish one touch blind passes carving open a Premier League team with such precision, they actually downed tools with half an hour to go.

What's the point in sucking the beauty out of that because you thought Webster was .5 better than Dunk?

I stand by my comment.


Nov 30, 2011
Steele 7.5 - did well. Could've had a few pints 2nd half, mind
Lamptey 4 - feel rotten for him but Veltman improved us a lot
Dunk 7
Webster 6.5
Estupinan 8.5 stupidly good. Again
Caicedo 8.5
Gross 8.5
Mac Allister 7.5
March 7.5
Mitoma 8
Ferguson 8

Veltman 8.5 Class. Leave him in, ffs

Enciso 7
Buonanotte 7.5
Sarmiento 7
Welbeck 7


Oct 11, 2013
Steele 7.5
Lamptey 5
Webster 8.5 -- imperious, no idea what game others on here were watching
Dunk 7
Estupinan 7
Caicedo 9 MotM -- beast, utterly immense
Gross 8 -- delightful player
March 8 -- got kicked a lot
Ali Mac 7.5
Mitoma 8
Ferguson 8 -- so mature, his hold-up play is outstanding

Veltman 8
Sarmiento, Enciso, Buonanotte, Welbeck all 7.5s -- Sarmiento's velcro-like skills, two great efforts from Enciso, Buonanotte looked so assured, and a goal and a good effort from Welbeck
David Moyes :wave:


Nov 11, 2009
Welbeck world class again his movement is superb. Hopefully Ferguson can improve on this department and become the finished article like DW.
Noticed welbz did a T shape with his hands when he scored.

Was it for his Injured bestie Tariq?
Last edited:

Nobby Cybergoat

Jul 19, 2021
Steele - 7 - Justified his selection with two very good stops and some brave distribution

Lamptey - n/a - Given the short amount of time he was on the field I'm not minded to launch into or continue a pile on. Hope he is back soon.
Estupinan - 8 - Tigerish in the tackle and covers huge amounts of ground. An incredible signing.
Webster - 8 - Wow, so hands up if you wrote Webby off. Terrific passing off both feet and covered for his mate when needed. Excellent
Dunk - 8 - Started so much of what we do well. Bravery, composure and skill

Gross - 8 - Oozed class and is playing the best football of his career
MacAllister - 7 - Ticked things over and put the pen away nicely
Caicedo - 9 - Errrrrr. No soz guys, my vocabulary doesn't extend that far.

March - 9 MOM - Wondrous. He has everything. A genuine world class footballer.
Mitoma - 9 - Took the piss out of a very pedestrian opponent
Ferguson - 9 - Ummm, yeh I can't compute or describe how well Evan is doing either. Won't turn 19 until October. Already I expect in the top 10 strikers in the division.

Veltman - 8 - Nice Improv for the goal and solid and dependable as he always is
Welbeck, Sarmiento Enciso and Buenanotte - n/a but all looked busy and eager to get in the goals. All can be confident of getting a lot of football in the busy months ahead.


Jul 6, 2003
Anyone so up themselves they feel the need to pick apart individual performances, in the wake of that game, really don't deserve nice things.
In fairness this is the 'Player Ratings' thread and therefore analysing the performances and giving reasons for your score is really the WHOLE POINT. I much prefer to see a brief description as opposed to just 'Lamptey: 4'

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