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[Albion] Player ratings - Albion v Palace

One Teddy Maybank

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Aug 4, 2006
Thought we played well, though may be a controversial opinion, I actually thought we let them off the hook and should have scored 6 or 7.

Agreed with most of @Farehamseagull so with a couple of adjustments.

Crowd superb…..

6 - average

Verbruggen - 6 - good saves, but all of them straightforward.

Van Hecke - 7
Dunk - 7
Igor - 8

Hinshelwood - 7
Gross - 8
Gilmour - 6 - a little sloppy
Lamptey - 7

Buonanotte - 7
Ferguson - 6 - great to see him get a start
Joao Pedro - 9 - MOM

Welbeck - 7
Estupinan - 6
Baleba - 7 -
Lallana - n/a
Fati - n/a

One Teddy Maybank

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Aug 4, 2006
Very surprised by the high Gilmour ratings, by his recent high standards he had a poor game today. His passing was off and he gave away possession 16 times! Including three times that directly put us in trouble. Against better opposition, he would have cost us today.

I admire his bravery for continually wanting the ball but he was definitely off form today.
Agree, not his best game yesterday, but did okay.


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Nov 11, 2009
Bart 8 Best goalkeeping performance from either of our two for a while. Made some very important stops and some good passes. Not much he could do about the goal, great header.

Lamptey 8 Looked sharp and back at his best. I wish he could stay fit, he is superb when on song. Great work and cross for Hinshelwood goal.

Dunk 8.5 Back to his dominant best. Helped out for the goal by their crap marking at the corner but took his chance. Lovely celebrations.

Van Hecke 7.5 Couple of wobbly moments in possession and nearly gifted them one, but good defensively on the whole. Could tell he was well aware of what playing them means, love the passion.

Igor 7.5 Solid. Love how he immediately drives forward when he gets the ball. Recovered well from his somewhat poor game on Tuesday.

Hinshelwood 8 Great movement and header for the goal. Looked really composed on the ball. As has already been said, if he played for Chelsea/Liverpool/City/United/Arsenal he would be the most hyped young player in the PL right now.

Gross 9 World class. No words needed.

Gilmour 7.5 As JP, caught in possession in an awful position in the first half and nearly cost us a goal, but recovered from it well. Another good game.

Buonanotte 8 Fast, direct, skillful. Took his goal very well.

Fergie 7 Feels like he is at least getting in the right positions again and contributing, needs a goal though.

Joao Pedro 9 World class. He is the complete striker. Excellent work rate, superb on the ball and lovely movement/vision/finish for the fourth.


Welbz 7 Gave us the something different that we really needed. Beautiful flick and general awareness for the fourth. If he was a better finisher he'd still be a Champions League quality striker IMO.

Baleba 7 Wasn't afraid to run at them and won some important loose balls in the middle. His cameos like today and Liverpool are great to watch but he has to be doing it for a full 90, obvs. Loads of potential.

Not much to say about the others. Fati gets a 10 just for how good it was to see him back.
Bang on.

Just give Pedro another 0.5 mark (9.5) for that delicious 1, 2, 3, 4 slit throat gesture.

Brilliant goal, Perfect celebration


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Aug 25, 2022
I'm always at a loss to understand that on the BBC's 'player of the match' ratings WBG always seems to come out top. Does he have an enormous family in Scotland voting for him each week? Of course, yesterday was no exception.

The Chelsea fans that all cry over selling him and give him top marks obviously outweigh the Norwich fans that all still hate him and give him a one.


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Jan 27, 2014
Verbruggen 7 two important saves but they were both fairly routine for a keeper of his standards
Igor 7 Really not much to do but has become an integral part of the team
Dunk 9 a captains goal his post match interview his two Sussex boy’s scoring against them was wonderful
JPVH 7 got himself into trouble a number of times holding onto the ball to long, got away with all of them but on another day
Hinshelwood 9 I have to keep reminding myself he’s only 19 really good header
Lamptey 9 brilliant
Gilmour 8 worked hard against palace trolls
Buonanotte 9 never stopped running he’s a complete bundle of energy and what a well taken goal
Gross 8 good game
Pedro 9 never stopped running great goal did anyone notice the elbow in the ribs he received sh lope I think it was should have had a card
Ferguson 6 can Only remember one header on goal hate to say it but looked a bit lazy


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Jun 26, 2009
Hinshelwood 9 I have to keep reminding myself he’s only 19 really good header
He's 18.

Turns 19 in April...

What a player he'll be when he has a few seasons under his belt (he's already exceptional)

hans kraay fan club

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Mar 16, 2005
Chandlers Ford
Bart - 7 - passing great, and a couple of timely saves
Hinshelwood - 8.5 - solid performance and another great example of his handy knack of arriving at the far post at just the right time
van Hecke - 8.5 - one big error, but excellent otherwise
Dunk - 10 - defensively solid, passing on point, and scored the crucial early goal. What more could he do?
Igor - 7 - much better
Lamptey - 8 - he’s back! Please please please stay fit for a while
Gilmour - 5.5 - settled second half, but awful, awful first - gave away the ball in really dangerous positions four times in the first 30 minutes. Luckily not punished
Groß - 9 - masterful
Buonanotte - 8.5 - great from him. Was great at Selhurst too. Seems to get it
Ferguson - 8 - much sharper. Wish he’d got a goal
Pedro - 9 - class

Garry Nelson's Left Foot

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Jul 7, 2003
I thought Ver Bruggen played really well with the ball at his feet. He kept possession whilst not playing anything overly risky/suicidal. He chipped the ball out to the wings a number of times when previously he might have tried a risky central pass. If he keeps that up he'll start building a strong case to be the regular starter.

The back three were all excellent on the ball and did what little defending they had to do well. Van Hecke in particular seemed to be on one with his passing, playing some great balls. (there's also a great photo of him in the Guardian online after the opening goal seemingly screaming in celebration in the face of a palace player

Hinshelwood is becoming such a solid, reliable player with a real knack for scoring great headed goals. Not bad for 18!

Lamptey had the beating of the new Palace right back from his first touch as evidenced by his blasting past him and winning the corner from which we opened the rout.

In midfield Gross was at his best, while WBG wasn't but he kept going and got better.

Pedro was majestic again. I thought he was a quality player the first time I saw him player but he just keeps getting better and there's more levels to come, I think.

I thought Ferguson had his best game in a while, working hard, linking play and contributing well without really gettin the scoring chance we and he would love him to get.

Buonnanote is beginning to deliver on the flashes of promise he has shown over the past 12 months. There's a real player there and I think/hope we're going to see more and more of it over the second half of the season.

jeremy fisher

Sep 20, 2014
To give a summary of what's been said online since the game, Chat GPT sums it up as:

  • Bart Verbruggen (7/10): Made crucial saves to deny Schlupp, showcasing his reflexes and composure, but couldn't prevent Mateta's header.
  • Jan Paul van Hecke (7/10): Solid defensively, barring a moment where he lost the ball, leading to a dangerous situation saved by Verbruggen.
  • Lewis Dunk (8/10): Scored the opening goal and showed leadership, although he was beaten by Mateta for Palace's consolation goal.
  • Igor Julio (7/10): Demonstrated strength in tackles and comfort with ball control, contributing to a sturdy defensive line.
  • Jack Hinshelwood (8/10): Scored with a fine header and displayed excellent attacking positions and defensive capabilities, despite some inaccurate crosses.
  • Pascal Groß (8/10): His two assists were crucial, highlighting his vision and unselfish play, cementing his status as a key player for Brighton.
  • Billy Gilmour (7/10): Linked play well and shone in possession, though there were moments of frustration due to his conservative passing.
  • Tariq Lamptey (7/10): His assist for the second goal highlighted his threat on the left, despite some moments of wastefulness.
  • Facundo Buonanotte (8/10): Worked tirelessly off the ball and scored a well-taken goal, proving a constant menace for the Palace defence.
  • Joao Pedro (8/10): Continued his good form with a classy goal and linked up play effectively throughout the game.
  • Evan Ferguson (6/10): Showed glimpses of potential but ultimately had a quieter game, struggling to make a significant impact after the break.
  • Danny Welbeck (7/10): Made an immediate impact with an assist for Pedro's goal, showing his quality and experience.
  • Pervis Estupinan (6/10): Brought on to add energy during a period of pressure from Palace, fulfilling his role effectively.
  • Carlos Baleba (6/10): Solid off the bench, doing what was asked of him defensively and helping to maintain the lead.
  • Ansu Fati and Adam Lallana were noted for their late appearances but did not play long enough to warrant specific ratings."
    Personally I thought Joao Pedro was amazing yesterday and should be a 9 - for me he was MOM before he scored that great goal. I'd also have had Igor as an 8 - thought he was magnificent. Don't really disagree with the rest, although might have been tempted to give Welbeck an 8 just for that assist!


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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
I think some reviewers are being really harsh on Ferguson. His hold-up play was decent and he put up with a lot of treatment from their defenders. For me, that was his best game in quite a while.

He’s been poor for months, outmuscled by every CB.

Yesterday he got that game back, he was more than a handful for the CB’s especially Andersen who seemed obsessed with being the tough guy :wanker: . Ferguson worked his socks off, won duals, made life easier for our other attackers.

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