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[Albion] Paul barber obe and Tony Bloom


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Apr 5, 2017
We’re in danger of believing the “well run club” line to the point of belligerence.

Everyone makes mistakes. The best leaders acknowledge and learn from them.
This really. Tony is one of the best chairmen in the world, that doesn't mean he hasn't made some pretty crap mistakes during his time at the helm. David Burke being a terrible appointment that nearly sent us back to League One, the insistence on not sacking Hyppia despite it being painfully obvious he wasn't up to the task, the way they managed Hughton's exit (I think this is a large part of why RDZ's exit was announced ahead of the United game), his current, pretty awful, stance against a football regulator etc. etc.

He has and will continue to be great for the club but he makes mistakes all the time. And the idea that he is not able to be criticised goes quite wildly against the history of the club. It is important for the fans to point out when the owners get it wrong and not just follow what an incredibly rich man decides as gospel. He is after all, a custodian of the club, and not the club itself.

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