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[Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

Tim Over Whelmed

Well-known member
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jul 24, 2007
Talking to a few Palace fans it would seem their overriding concern is Albion turning up already safe. Apparently our team will play better playing and without fear (thought we were already doing that) and us, as fans, will be obnoxious and ram "we are staying up" down their throats (again, yes).

Oh, and they've had a season from hell with injuries ... (again, yes :lol:)

Bring it on .....


You can change this
Helpful Moderator
Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
If I were a Palace fan right now, my biggest fear would be Zaha breaking down and his return being delayed. They're ****ed if he doesn't come back.


New member
Jul 7, 2003
Meopham, Kent.
I think my biggest fear as a Palace fan would be that when they go down, and Zaha gets sold, then suddenly his big talk about the rivalry is forgotten for £££££s and he turns up down here, banging them in for us.


Active member
Nov 27, 2006
Would have thought their biggest fear is us relegating them when we play them.

Papa Lazarou

Living in a De Zerbi wonderland
Jul 7, 2003
They're not keen on this either


Blue Valkyrie

Not seen such Bravery!
Sep 1, 2012
They really need to renew their traditional rivalry with Millwall for a few seasons.

Hope they do.


British and Proud
Oct 15, 2014
Really? All the other injured players they have given estimates for when they'll be back, but not for Wilf.

According to Roy he is running but not doing twists and turns. This was a week ago. Read the Zaha thread on BBS


Well-known member
Jan 7, 2010
Gods country fortnightly
Hopefully won't be back until the Liverpool match on 31st


Il Pirata
Dec 3, 2008
I believe that's either highly unlikely or impossible.

Almost impossible, they will have four games left after us. So would need to be 13 adrift at the end of that game. So Southampton would need 12 points from 5 games; Newcastle 11 in four games; Huddersfield 10 (5); West Ham 10 (5) and Swansea 10 (5). Newcastle and Stoke do not play until the Sunday or Monday respectively. In that time Huddersfield play Swansea; Newcastle v Southampton; Newcastle v Huddersfield; West ham v Southampton.

So there is a way, just, but all of the teams down there need to win games against the big boys to make it possible and Newcastle need to win four on the bounce.


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Oct 14, 2003
According to Roy he is running but not doing twists and turns.

However his double pike and tuck somersault moves are almost back to normal.

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