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[Albion] Our most important players

Mustafa II

Well-known member
Oct 14, 2022
The squad is in a great position at the moment, as RDZ has said, we have at least two first teamers for every position.

However the last couple of fixtures have demonstrated that some players in particular have strengths, or are simply too good, that can't be replaced.

For me, these players are:

1. Lewis Dunk - Van Hecke will one day be up to Dunks level, and possibly beyond, but he's not there yet. Currently our most important and irreplaceable player, our defense becomes a big problem when he's not playing.

2. Kaoru Mitoma - No other player can create something from nothing like he does. His mere presence opens up attacking opportunities. This man so often is the difference between 3 points or not. That said, as Adringa and Fati improve, a Mitoma absence might not matter so much, but they're not there yet.

3. Pascal Gross - His organisation, consistency and creativity were sorely missed yesterday. I don't think we have another player like him, or a young player that will ever be like him. When he's on the pitch, something is always likely to happen. We're so much weaker when he's not playing.

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