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[Sussex] One Parking Solution warned by a Judge that they may face a civil restraint order

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Never late in a V8
Jan 20, 2009
Brighton, United Kingdom
Well done [MENTION=18265]LadySeagull[/MENTION] I have had a couple of tickets from parking companies in the past, I have followed your advice on here and been successful in my appeals, unfortunately people will still pay these so called PCN, and no doubt said company will not be put off with the judges orders.
To them this will just be " Oh well we lost that one, others will pay up".


Jan 21, 2011
… meanwhile I am sending a note to the editor of the Sunday Times money section that I've been dealing with about this judgement – and with whom I've been sharing stories going back over 10 years to let him know that you are not interested in having photographs or names appear in any piece.

Of course it's not he who is doing the article. It's a journalist whose initials are KP – you may know the name already – and the message will have to get to her. Let's see what happens. I can tell you that KP has already done an article recently and used an assumed name and also a library photograph for the individual concerned so it's not new territory – although that case was a domestic abuse case which was may be more sensitive.
Yes that journalist has been in touch. But that journalist wants a first name of the Defendant and a photo. That's not happening.

Thanks for this message. I'm afraid I can't see how to post a message here – and it may be that it is restricted to people with a certain number of posts. I don't seem to be able to access my MSE account any more – I joined up and probably last visited about the same time I started the CAG – which was almost 15 years ago.

I'm sorry you feel so bad about the CAG advice. I appreciate that there are some people who although they are instalments, give advice that may be a bit suspect sometimes – but on the other hand we try to be extremely tolerant of everyone. It's a tough job, you have no idea!

It looks as if we might have difficulty communicating with each other in that case – unless you want to come and post a message to me up on the CAG. Alternatively, follow our Twitter feed and then post me a message that way.

This should be so easy – and yet I can't figure a way to make it happen!

I think my posts are even being moderated until they are manually cleared by an administrator. I'm posting this at just after 7:00 PM. Let's see when it appears.
Your posts are definitely delayed. You had no posts here before I cooked dinner after that time! Fair enough, the admins here have to be careful with this subject matter and I respect that.

I have let the Defendant know about your offer of liaising with the Sunday Times for her and she's thinking about that.

I will register on CAG and post on that thread and take it there so we can discuss. Thanks again!


You can change this
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
Your posts are definitely delayed. You had no posts here before I cooked dinner after that time! Fair enough, the admins here have to be careful with this subject matter and I respect that.

It's not that.

All new users go through a probation period of sorts, with limited rights on the site, in order to protect the site from malicious new users, bots and spammers. [MENTION=41328]BankFodder[/MENTION] was in that period, but I've manually advanced him to full user status, so he will not have full privileges, including PM-sending ability.


Jun 25, 2014
I'm posting this here now for local interest and information to help people know how to fight private parking charges. This is a factual post so that there can be no objection from the Claimant firm, who are a notorious local parking company who currently go by the name of One Parking Solution Ltd. They are the parking firm of choice (at the moment) for BHCC.

The press are interested now and so you might read about it soon anyway, but may not have realised, it's one of mine!

This judgment can be used in evidence for parking charge appeals and especially to support court defences. Although county court decisions are not a 'precedent' and have no effect as such on other cases, you can use a court transcript like this to illustrate a point and invite the Judge to make the same decision.

As some of you know, I also post as Coupon-mad on MSE and was the 'lay representative' in this case, so I spoke and presented the Defendant's case. Let's just say, the Judge has torn One Parking Solution Ltd a new one: Parking Solution v Ms W 5 Feb 2020.pdf?dl=0

I've read it a dozen times - ignore the typos, the court handed this down during lockdown last month so there are some amusing errors, the best one being ''dinner'' instead of ''in a'' and the various spellings of the surname of the person whose name was on the Claimant's Witness Statement. It is a genuine scan of a court judgment from Lewes Court.

Still waiting to see if One Parking Solution try to appeal it.

I was also the lay rep in the Southampton case this judgment refers to, where it was held that parking firms cannot pretend the 'debt' is £160, because that's double recovery and not lawful. Judges all over the country have picked that one up and they are repeating those findings.

To avoid issues for this forum, I'd suggest no naming names of those who run OPS, and please no speculating here on the forum as to who I am, in case someone knows me! I'm happy that my name appears on court transcripts and in the press - if they write about it as they say they will - but that's it.


You have my total respect Lady Seagull.


Jul 7, 2003
Fantastic stuff, Lady Seagull. I spy some information in that judgement that will certainly be helpful for the one you’re helping me with if it ends up in court.

I presume they’re not allocating dates at the moment, as I’ve heard nothing since sending back the long list of dates we couldn’t do between us.


May 20, 2020
Virtually everywhere
It's not that.

All new users go through a probation period of sorts, with limited rights on the site, in order to protect the site from malicious new users, bots and spammers. [MENTION=41328]BankFodder[/MENTION] was in that period, but I've manually advanced him to full user status, so he will not have full privileges, including PM-sending ability.

Firstly, thanks for allowing me a rapid escalation so that my post can be seen immediately. In fact am embarrassed that I'm being privileged in this way. I've already made it clear that are not hit a post about football – so everything I post is really off-topic. I don't even follow football! (I'll probably get a flaming now)

Also, as the administrator of a large forum I completely understand the need to put new users on some kind of moderation for the first few posts. We've had loads of people who come on during the night and then start posting spamming messages or spamming our users with private messages.

It's a complete nightmare – so yes, I understand fully that it's absolutely necessary.


May 20, 2020
Virtually everywhere
Also, I have now written to the Sunday Times money editor and made it clear that the defendant in the case would not be prepared under any circumstances to have their name and photograph used. I've also pointed out to the editor that the same KP journalist has previously used a pseudonym and a library picture in another article – and although there article was on a more sensitive area, I really don't see why it should be a problem. Surely the idea of "quality press" is to get the story out and there shouldn't be any need to sensationalise it by turning into a personal story – but, on the other hand – it is Sunday after all!

Anyway let's see. I'm going to keep on pushing the story around – but I hope other people will be similarly interested to let people know.


May 20, 2020
Virtually everywhere
By the way, I see that you are heavily involved with MSE. Haven't you pointed it out to them? I'm sure if Martin Lewis got wind of this, he might be very pleased to use his publicity muscle to let people know.

Westdene Seagull

aka Cap'n Carl Firecrotch
Oct 27, 2003
The arse end of Hangleton
One appeal to look reasonable then ignore G24 unless they try court. Westdene Seagull knows that!

No point 'going through the process' beyond one dispute initial appeal v any IPC member. There is no second stage or independent appeal because the version 'offered' by IPC Trade Body members like G24, is worse than POPLA. IAS is a kangaroo court.

G24 have filed few court cases this past year but MSE consistently sees 99% wins, and has done since 2017 against ALL parking firms, for all posters. The MSE parking fines forum offers a template defence that takes less than half an hour to edit in your details and specific facts, then full hand-holding and advice about what to do when, plus me turning up in person if a case goes to a hearing locally and the Defendant wants the assistance. Can't win 'em all but I have so far...

Yeah, yeah - of course I know that - but come on, I miss being SodG24 and haven't had any fun with them for quite a while :wink:

Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
I have no idea what is going on but had a look at the document. Do court judgements usually have remarks that sound like Boris winging it?

"characteristically fought with the zeal of the mythical Fortinbras's army portrayed in Shakespeare's Hamlet"

Aug 31, 2006
If that's the case, then it is more evidence of dishonesty by this company and that information should join the article which is provisionally being prepared for the Sunday Times. Did you complain to the BPA? Did you complain to the DVLA?

There seems to be some very serious accusations about this company but if they are not all join together and brought out into the open then they will wriggle out of it.

It needs solid light and solid collation of all the various stories to produce a damning case of them – and also of the half-hearted oversight exercised by the BPA – and in fact the whole industry

No once I won the appeal I let it go but quite happy for the evidence to be used or make a statement.


May 20, 2020
Virtually everywhere
Hi, I made it clear at the beginning that I wasn't looking for any credit on this – but I have now been approached by the Sunday Times for a quote about the case. This means that the Consumer Action Group will probably get a mention.

They wanted quite quickly – and signposting this message to see if anybody objects – because we had nothing to do with the case at all – we simply brought it to the attention of the press.

I don't want somebody to think that I am trying to ride on the back of somebody else's glory.

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