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[Albion] New manager bounce. Or not.

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AZ Gull

Oct 14, 2003
Phoenix, Az
So your kinda saying, in around about way, you don’t rate him ?
Or simply he’s not ready ?

Your the fella with probably all the impartial balanced information that most of us would trust with his analysis of a player.

Prey tell…

No - my comment was based upon the fact that Graham Potter mentioned (directly after the Newcastle game, I think) that Steele would start against Villa.

Hence, if Scherpen is making his debut tomorrow, it means that Steele has either been sent-off or injured.

I've never seen Scherpen play (other than in an U-23s game the other week) so can't pass judgement on his ability.

Cheshire Cat

The most curious thing..
For no apparent reason, obvs, I thought I'd try and see what results Premier League clubs achieved after a mid-season change of manager...

Antonio Conte / Spurs - Drew (Everton away)
Claudio Ranieri / Watford - Lost (Liverpool at home)
Graeme Jones / Newcastle - Drew (Crystal Palace away)

Thomas Tuchel / Chelsea - Drew (Wolves at home)
Paul Heckingbottom / Sheffield United - Lost (Leicester away)
Ryan Mason / Spurs - Won (Southampton at home)
Sam Allardyce / West Brom - Lost (Aston Villa at home)

Freddie Ljungberg / Arsenal - Drew (Norwich away)
Michel Arteta / Arsenal - Drew (Everton away)
Carlo Ancelotti / Everton - Won (Burnley at home)
Jose Mourinho / Spurs - Won (West Ham away)
Quique Sánchez Flores / Watford - Drew (Arsenal at home)
Nigel Pearson / Watford - Drew (Crystal Palace at home)

In summary: I've wasted quite a bit of time on this, and proven absolutely nothing at all.

Is that what has made you so cross today?

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