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[Albion] New Brighton mural in Hove (In Progress)


Oct 25, 2011
Deep south
There's a large new one commissioned where the old Bruno mural was. Coming soon.

Cowfold Seagull

Fan of the 17 bus
Apr 22, 2009
One on the furthest right, not a fricking clue. The other one...maybe Lamptey, maybe? Bit of a stretch?

Edit: On further reflection, perhaps the one on the far right is Moder? He might be the closest match for hair shape?
Do any of us really remember what Jakub Moder looks like? it's been so long. I'd say maybe Alexis but l'm very far from sure.

The artist, (if we can call him that), started ok with Solly, but the quality rapidly deteriorated as he moved to the right. Maybe he rushed it as he heard the police were on their way.


Pocket Rocket
Jul 8, 2003
Here and There
Think you're all being a bit too unkind, it's obviously a work in progress, people work on art until they get it right. It's like looking at an artists unfinished canvas and making a judgement on that.

Sure, it looks rough, but that's art sometimes.

Now, if it still looks like that in say a month's time... by all means.. vilify them.

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