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[Music] Music you haven't listened to for many years till recently and...

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Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Faversham're suprised and delighted by how brilliant they sound.

I was going to name this thread 'for 40 years' rather than 'till recently' but that means only the over 50s would be able to post (although I suspect most who do post will be over 50 :lolol:)

I was also originally going to name the thread '**** me, Steely Dan were completely amazing and I almost forgot....' and yet, I know almost all the words to almost all their songs (and have been impressing Mrs T with my inspirational guitar accompaniments, I shit you not).

Post away, musos :thumbsup:

I'll give you two tracks. The second always cut me up. The first has backing vocals by Michael McDonald. Yes, that Michael Macdonald.

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