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[Albion] Modestly good moments at the Amex


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Jul 10, 2003
Did it end up 3 - 3 with a penalty? I remember being right next to the away fans, the banter was terrific!
We were 3-2 up with seconds to go and Casper launched a huge drop kick straight into their keeper's hands. They then came straight back down and scored with the last kick of the game :facepalm:

Still a great night and dirty always bring a good crowd :albion2:

And, from earlier, how on earth could I have forgotten :tears:


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May 31, 2022
Our last home game. Totally outclassing, outplaying and making Liverpool look like an average Conference team.

A carlsberg performance.


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Jul 25, 2003
I thought that one was against Palace but photo evidence suggests it may have been a thigh at the back post. I stand corrected
Both were very similar goals and position - ie both were from about 1 yard out - but I think that the memorable thing about the goal v Palace was that it was the first VAR decision that we'd been involved in as it looked a potential hand ball.

I have subsequently checked YouTube highlights, and the goal that Murray knobbed in was definitely West Brom, about which the most surprising was that Locadia had made a really nice assist for it!

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