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fat old seagull

Sep 8, 2005
Rural Ringmer
I see... a brown bear. A red bird. A yellow duck. A blue horse. A green frog. A purple cat. A white dog. A black sheep. And a goldfish looking at me. That's what I see.

LOL I took that once. Went to a Wine Bar and they played "Singing in the Rain" as I walked up some stairs and all the Busby Berkeley girls were on each step waving Ostrich Feathers at me. On the way back down the music must have changed and I thought I was Cowboy. But I guess I didn't take as much as you .... I never saw the yellow duck or a nosey goldfish.:mad:


Jul 13, 2005
South Wales (im not welsh !!)
I've stepped down as a mod - many thanks to Bozza for letting me to do it for the last few years.

Both my wife and I are proud to say that [MENTION=27447]Goldstone1976[/MENTION] is a good friend of ours, more importantly, his moderating was of the highest level :thumbsup: for those that are unfortunate to not know him personally, you have missed out! an amazing guy....

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