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[Albion] Matvienko


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Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
Plenty of other reports are a bit less positive - DeZ apparently wants him but we don't want to pay what they want........
Apparently not in the UK specifically to speak to us, just happens to be here :shrug:

The Sock of Poskett

The best is yet to come (spoiler alert)
Jun 12, 2009

What? Come on, the spelling's near enough and the sentiment's right :rave:
(Rats - above poster beat me to it. This is a better song though :cool:)

Hugo Rune

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Feb 23, 2012
Pretty expensive but we’re effectively paying for a left footed Veltman who could be at the top of his game and could stay with us for 5 years plus.

We sold Burn & Cucu for £75m. Replacing them with Colwill (temp loan) plus Estupinian & Matvienko for around £35m is great business.

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