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Man U v Arsenal


Offended Liver Sausage
NSC Patron
Oct 17, 2008
Hope they get f***ing hammered. Never understood the aesenal love in. just a foreign side playing in london.

I used to like Arsenal. A young team of skillful players playing to not only win, but win by playing beautiful passing football. Henry, Bergkamp, Kanu.. they had some wonderful players. However, Wenger's increasingly desperate and blinkered behaviour over the years have gradually worn down my appreciation of them as an entity. Now instead of Bergkamp they've got Van Persie and instead of Vieira they've got Ramsey.

Barcelona provide me with all my amazing-to-watch football needs. Arsenal are terrible in comparison.

Mr Smggles

Well-known member
May 11, 2009
The only thing I am liking about watching united was the partnership between Rooney and Welbeck, could be rather beneficial to the nation side.


A different kind of pasty
Jul 5, 2003
West, West, West Sussex
Shit. Someone else score please. After predicting the current scoreline in post 4, I thought about putting a bet on 4-1, but didn't bother :facepalm:


Well-known member
Oct 13, 2003
If Arsenal carry on like this, they are going to be visiting the Championship!!

Arsene Wenger has a lot of work to do!


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