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[Football] Loyalty versus, well you decide...

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ATFC Seagull

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Jul 27, 2004
(North) Portslade
Loyalty points should have nothing to do with a home game.

All season ticket holders should be treated the same

That's not strictly true though. Loyalty points are given for home cup games to a much higher level than away games. They are also used for non-STH to determine who gets tickets for home league and cup games (not that we're likely to sell out a home cup game at full capacity any time soon!). I appreciate the argument that away attendance should not necessarily be the marker for getting tickets to home games, but should people who have a season ticket AND who commit to giving the club extra money by going to the cup matches be recognised? That's where the waters get muddied.

It is messy and we all have different views and I agree the club were likely to be criticised no matter what. I personally would have used loyalty points once, and then had an open ballot of all STH's for the remainder of the season (although with some safeguard to ensure everyone gets some, no-one gets all), but I can see why people would disagree. Fingers crossed there's no new national lockdown, Brighton doesn't go into Tier 3, and we all get to 2-3 games each.


Dec 20, 2014
People late back from half time and who leave at the 80th minute should be Priority 103.

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