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[News] Lord Lucan found?

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We wunt be druv
Apr 11, 2016
Rape of Hastings, Sussex
Botswana. They also turned up an old watch for sale in Botswana that was likely his. I guess, after that story broke, he scarpered to Oz
There's a story about in the early 90s up in Mahalapye way in Botswana, some British tourists on a road trip up from Cape Town were in a roadside bar and there being a group of white guys in there all with South African accents apart from one bloke who had a cut glass English accent with dark hair. These guys realised they were being looked at, quickly finished their drinks and left. The tourists all swore blind it was Lucan.

US Seagull

Jul 17, 2003
Cleveland, OH
I don't trust any technician who says "this system is never wrong". I have yet to believe in the infallibility of computers.
Yeah, that got me too. This line:
Professor Hassan Ugail says the algorithm linking Lucan to a man in Oz, ...,, is “never wrong”.
Bullshit. 100% bullshit. It is "never wrong" to say that anybody saying something is "never wrong" is completely wrong.
I suspect that it's probably the journo completely misunderstanding what Dr. Ugail is saying and running with it. Later on you have this...
“It has never been wrong.
Followed two lines later by
the only time it will fail is...
So it's never wrong. Except for those times when it is.

I also assume it was trained on images of the same people are roughly the same age. I doubt it works nearly as reliably comparing a picture of somebody from when they were around 40 to one where they are (supposedly) nearly 90.

The Guardian picked up the story here:


Contacted by the Guardian, Ugail said: “I can’t 100% confirm it’s Lord Lucan. It looks remarkably like him – it’s worth investigating further.”

That's a lot less certain than "it's never wrong"

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