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[Albion] Leeds United - away

The red pepper kid

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Dec 30, 2014
I think I've told this story before but many many years ago went with my Brother-in-law who is a Leeds fan. Went into a Leeds home fans pub where he knew some friends. "Don't say a word" he said, pointing at the ale. I'd got 3/4 of a pint and 1/4 head! Seems that how they drank their beer.
in the championship years went in the peacock pub opposite the ground- ordered a Guiness and no one even blinked!, went in the cafe next door as well - they have a sense of humour the Leeds lot --- but they are rather keen on a good debate

Is it PotG?

Well, is it?
Feb 20, 2017
Sussex by the Sea
Plenty left



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Apr 18, 2014
We would definitely sell this out, really hope they take up the full allocation.

Leicester proved that away tickets will sell over time if not immediately - I believe around 800 were sold after it going to general sale.


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Jan 30, 2012
Experts, do you think it will go down to MyAlbion+ members? Really hope I can nab 1 or 2!


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Oct 20, 2003
My post from last year if it helps:

Got my ticket and looking forward to it!
So, some 27 months since my last Albion game, at Bramall Lane, I will finally be seeing them again in the flesh at b Elland Road.
This would've been unthinkable pre-2019 as I'd been a STH for 20 years...

Am I looking forward to it? Not really, largely thanks to the stupid KO time/day.
Also I know there is some sort of cage now a la Millwall, though I'm unclear if it's avoidable after the match?

Anyway, the point of this email is to stress that apart from the area around the ground and some of their contingent, Leeds is a wonderful city.
I'm aware that this is missed by a lot of football fans who only see that area, then head home again.
If anyone has any questions or recommendations for place to go, including the wider area, then please do let me know.
Aware there are several other locals on here too.

There are so many good choices for pubs in the city centre, so maybe focus on a particular area. Off the top of my head:

Around the canal (south of the station out of the side entrance) there are some great pubs including:
- The Hop
- Water Lane Boathouse
- The Crosskeys
- The Midnight Bell
- Northern Monk

To the north of the station, from the main entrance (i.e. central city centre):
- Tapped Leeds
- Banker's Cat
- Head of Steam
- Whitelocks
- Turks Head
- Leeds Brewery tap

Further to the east of the city centre:
- Wapentake
- Duck & Drake
- Lamb & Flag
- The Adelphi
- Brownhill & Co
- Crowd of Favours

City centre north:
- Townhall Tavern
- Salt
- Assembly Underground
- Headrow House
- Head of Steam (yes there are two)

There are lots of cool music-bars to the north-east of the city centre, around Merrion Street, particularly:
- The Belgrave (legendary, has a great roof terrace)
- Verve
- Mean-Eyed Car Bar

Sure I have missed many, including the Blue Parrot.

In the surrounding area there are some great places to visit, with the Dales nearby, and there are lots of watering holes in Otley, Skipton, Ilkey, Harrogate, Shipley/Saltaire, etc.

If any of you are bringing your kiddiewinks, there is an owl trail around the city centre which I did with my daughters yesterday (http://www.leedsowltrail.com/)
The City Museum is also very child-friendly.


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Aug 8, 2005
Less than 200 left now. Really hope they get the lower tier. Plenty of time to sell these before the game. Go for it Albion.

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