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[Football] Leeds owner hopes Premier League return will turn it into £1bn club

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Kalimantan Gull

Aug 13, 2003
Central Borneo / the Lizard
“The target in five years is to be behind the ‘Big Six’”.

The club's five-year mission, to explore strange new investors, to seek out new borrowing and new debt against future income, to boldly borrow what no club has borrowed before!

And its all really absolutely no different to what we want to do at the Albion.

Leeds, '5 year target to be just behind the big 6'. Brighton, 'target to be a top 10 club'

Basically the same thing. Buying overseas clubs, investing in youth, investment by the owner, major new sponsorships, focus on a good manager. Its the way to do it - if they do it right they've got the added clout of 'history' and 'big-club-ness' to pull it off

Eric the meek

Bigga balls
Aug 24, 2020
It's been Man City and Chelseavs model for quite some time, hasn't done them any harm

The difference is that Man City and Chelsea consistenty deliver at or near the top of the PL. Delivery on the pitch is absolutely fundamental to attracting broadcasting and advertising revenue.

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