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[Albion] Kieran McKenna


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May 3, 2021
Well it ain't going to be Kieran now he's expected to commit to Ipswich with a bumper pay deal
Well played Kieran, do well with Ipswich next season and your stock will raise even higher. If not, quids in as best paid Championship manager season 2025-26...

At least we can hire an ex-Albion keeper to drown out the Ipswich fans next season...



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Jul 5, 2003
Last 15 matches under Potter: W9 D4 L2

Including victories against some CL teams.

I'm one one of the smaller number who weren't angry when he left. It's just football. I'd be okay if he came back.

I'd be surprised if there is anything in this though.

I was absolutely bloody furious. But so would I. The downside is potential negativity from fans rather than a lack of coaching ability, as far as I can see.


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Feb 12, 2005
Surely our ‘succession planning’ is a bit more adventurous. I think I’d have him back but it’s to divisive

Shooting Star

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Apr 29, 2011
What worries me is that we are fabled for our succession planning, but from all the rumours it sounds like we're scrambling around, reacting to situations rather than being ahead of the curve. Surely GP wasn't part of the succession plan? There must be names aside from McKenna on the list, especially as the club must have been humble enough to realise that it wasn't going to be easy poaching McKenna from newly promoted Ipswich when we decided to part ways with RDZ.

On the other hand, I could just be succumbing to the relentless (social) media need for rumours and speculation, and the club have it all in hand as they seemingly always do. Hope it's me being naive rather than the club not being on the back foot.

Paulie Gualtieri

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May 8, 2018
Barber's body language had pretty much made it clear that McKenna wasn't coming and I'd be bloody surprised if Potter comes back Bloom doesn't forgive so if Potter comes back the Chelsea exit was not the story we thought it was.
What’s does he need to forgive, he actually left amicably as per his contract. I wouldn’t say potter has burnt any bridges with Bloom (I don’t know him personally either though)


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Apr 5, 2014
I was absolutely bloody furious. But so would I. The downside is potential negativity from fans rather than a lack of coaching ability, as far as I can see.
He would be okay if we started well. But he wouldn't get so much slack.

Trouble is, I think RDZ will be seen as a messianic reign. But if that goal hadn't been scored against City and Tottenham not screwed up the end of their season then European football wouldn't have happened.

I liked RDZ being here. But he wasn't a deity. I never felt he would stay long and he really got my goat in that last six months.

The additional problem we have is that folk think qualifying, or almost qualifying, ofr Europe is the benchmark. As I explained in another thread, it isn't.

Monkey Man

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Jan 30, 2005
Neither here nor there
None of us knows what’s going on, except for newspaper and social media titbits we pick up. I’m pretty sure the club is doing everything it can, in a very competitive environment, to land the right manager. Maybe it won’t be our first choice, because we’re Brighton, not Bayern or United or Chelsea or Liverpool. I don’t know why some posters on this and other threads are getting so wound up about a situation we don’t fully understand and over which we have zero influence.

Guinness Boy

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Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
Blimey! The bookies have them odds on to be relegated and us at 20/1.
Which is interesting, because they’ll have the coach who was top of our succession plan, while we might have Mr “16th place, easy life”.


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Dec 21, 2011
A grand says they won't !

They're gash
I'm sure they must be alright as they've just got promoted, but, like all promoted sides, they do brilliantly to finish 17th.

The only full ninety I saw of them last year was Maidstone knocking them out of the FA Cup and their goal was scored by Sarmiento, who was on loan from us.

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