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[Albion] Kieran McKenna


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Oct 20, 2022
I don’t think we are in some terrible situation but the club have made a rod for themselves with all the chat about list of people to take over certain key jobs. To some this implies that one person leaves with the next to come in sharpish. It hasn’t been like that

Head of medical leaves - replacement not due to come into until pre season
Head of recruitment leaves - temp replacement in place but presumably someone else will come in
First team coach leaves - taken longer than many expected because of all the chat about the magical lists.
Re first team Coach - How is speculation and “magic lists” amongst bookies, sports rags and online speculation on social media the Club making a rod for itself? - that seems to be a bizarre shift of blame.

The new Head of Medical was announced publicly at the fans forum before the end of the Bundesliga season Pfab is joining us from Eintracht Frankfurt - he presumably wasn’t available when our medics walked out, not until the German Club finished their season but we likely would have approached him immediately - Again, though, not sure why is this the Club’s fault?

Head of recruitment leaves - replacement in place - not unusual at all to replace key positions in any business with interim appointments until exactly the right candidate is available. Often the interim is an assistant who moves up but then takes over the role permanently. The Club is just carrying out normal business practice. It can take months to appoint people if they are under contract to serve notice at their current positions or on garden long as the job is being done, does it matter?
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Feb 12, 2005
Likewise we can’t crow about having long notice periods for our staff, then complain the club are hiring people who also have long notice periods …


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Oct 17, 2008
Late to the party but congratulations to McKenna. He’s got his way, gets to see through his project while earning a top salary with none of the expectation of immediate success he’ll have had at Manchester United or Chelsea.

Even if the PL goes badly for him, he’s set up on a high paying contract another club would have to match to take him from Ipswich. With no expectations of success he can go straight back down with Ipswich, and easily jump into a club like West Ham, Villa, Newcastle etc depending on what’s available at the time.

Or he can keep them up, get a respectable finish in the league and his stock climbs even higher

He’s played an absolute blinder really, good for him


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Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
Not for me to start a rumour, but.
I saw an Audi TT near the Amex on Friday with the reg
Hope the tyres have been done since the last MOT


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