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[Albion] Just be more direct?

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Sep 4, 2022
Biggest problem with that is that we do absolutely diddly squat with corners. I get so tense when Albion concede a corner, expecting the opposition to do something with it. Opponents must breathe a sigh of relief whenever we get a corner with our 0.0001% score rate from them. This has been an issue for ages now.
Isn't there some statistic about football in general that you're just as likely to concede from your own corner (because everybody's gone up and you get caught on the counter) as you are to score a goal yourself?
Obviously that depends to some extent on the people available to take the corner and put headers away, but most teams don't actually get much out of their corners. Which is why it sticks in the mind when they do and assume everybody else is much better at them.
To be clear, that statistic might not actually be true. But I haven't just made it up.

kemptown kid

Apr 17, 2011

The style is fine. In the last 3 games we've shot, 583 times don't you know.

What's needed is people in the attacking positions who are better at scoring goals
This. Plus a bit of luck. Frustrating as our failure to score in the last 3 games has been, dominating possession as we did last night and the number of shots we had suggests not much wrong with the overall performance levels.


Nov 28, 2011
Astley, Manchester
True, it was very frustrating to watch, and the worst thing was we all knew we wouldn’t break them down.
but what do you do, we looked for spaces, passed the ball well, they had 11 behind the ball all the time.
I found Lampty a bit frustrating as he had the chance a few times to take on the defenders and checked back, I think the blatant strangulation tackle knocked his confidence to do it again, you want them to charge into the box and draw a foul at least, but the team are told to keep the ball, too many times we’ve dominated games, and lost the ball up the field in attack and been punished by a quick breakaway, that didn’t happen and for a reason we kept the ball.

on another day we would have been 2-0 at half time, the post and a good save denied us that, it was frustrating but inevitable after the first half.

I saw lots of positives from tonight, we still pass and keep the ball, dominating games with possession.
finishing has been an issue even with Potter.

On Potter he knew we were on a good run that would come to an end, he knew our limitations.
We are not or never will be top six, so he jumped knowing he can’t take us any higher.
With De Zerbi so far we are still dominating games, and have the same issues Potter had.
give him time, Bloom will back him in the market I’m sure, I’m actually feeling positive.
Sums up my thoughts.


Feb 23, 2009
Preston Park
Is it just me wondering why, in the end, what changed under Potter was he just went more direct. Two seasons of passing it round in a horseshoe was suddenly replaced with a few long balls and we started scored for fun.

Now we have gone back to a horseshoe passing game again.

Is that over simplistic?
David Weir, as technical director, can point out to RDZ that Graham Potter did - for 15 or so games - tweak his approach to be more direct and it was extremely promising in terms of converting losses into draws and draws into wins. It would be remiss of people in the Albion footballing operation not to point this out to our new head coach - and he’d be mad not to consider a similar tweak. Last night was Potter ball from a couple of seasons ago.

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