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[Albion] Jesse Lingard

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If Potter has a no dickheads policy, that would exclude Lingard from the get go.

Supposedly on £100k pw with Man United with another year and an optional further year in his contract there. Until the 53rd minute of the second half last Sunday, his goals and assists from his 21 Premier League appearances last season were zero and zero.

Not for me. I'd be happy with Greenwood though


Jan 29, 2012
Albourne / Brighton
Whilst I fall into the no camp (just), I think the comments here are counter the 2 main objections...

1. He’s not that good - he has the talent, but has clearly struggled with the application and attitude needed.

2. He’s a dickhead - I honestly don’t think he is deep down. Spidey sense says that he’s probably a good fella at heart but has struggled to adapt to being a rich sports star. Despite this, I sense that he has realised that himself this year, brought home by his family situation off the pitch.

In an interview the other day he said that his form and altitude had not been good enough, but that he had struggled with the pressure of looking after his family after his mother became ill.

In my experience, it’s moments like this that help bright, talented but self destructive personalities to get some clarity and perspective. He seems to be self aware, based on the afore mentioned interview.

I’d like to think he has the faculties to mature emotionally and make the most of his talent over the next few years.

It’s still too much of a risk for us (given the wages etc.) but I wish him well and think he has the talent to shine in the premiere league.


Jul 7, 2003
Perfect signing for Leeds.

Failing that, Everton.

Actually, I'd love to see him recapture the sort of form he showed when he scored the winner for United vs Palace in the Cup Final. He deserves a medal for that alone.

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Jul 5, 2020
Arrogant little sh$t who has waved the 'mental health' card as an excuse for the fact he has clearly lost interest in football, amazed he hasn't waved the 'racism' card <mod edit> blatant racist addendum removed. Temporary ban issued. It’ll be permanent if repeated.
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Jan 17, 2005
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JLingz definitely suffering from a lack of confidence. Looked pretty average so far tonight and for a player of such supreme natural talent too. Needs a fresh start away from Old Trafford.

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