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[Albion] Is keeping Caicedo more important than making signings?

Is keeping Caicedo more important than making PL ready signings this window

  • Yes, yes it is

    Votes: 70 75.3%
  • No, we also need at least one more PL ready signing

    Votes: 17 18.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 6.5%

  • Total voters
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Jan 8, 2004
Keeping Swanny is more important than keeping Caicedo for us as a club imho. Maybe Bozza could follow TB’s lead on Caicedo and shut NSC down until after the transfer window closes, it would save all the clucking hens on here a lot of typing.

:amex: :moo:
I really hope you are joking


Jul 5, 2003
Can you imagine the fee though £120m plus proven to rip PL defences apart. You aren’t buying a maybe he will adapt to the PL.
That's not a given. Look at cucu.

Caciedo was distinctly average in the world cup as well. Pervis much better


Jan 19, 2018
Mid mid mid Sussex
Aren’t we possibly going for that French striker?
Sadly not...


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