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[TV] IMDb Surprises


Jul 5, 2003
On Quickly Kevin recently (from last year, I've got a lot on my plate), they mentioned that you know when you've watched a good 30 min footie documentary that you spend the next 2 hours researching what you've just seen. Which got me thinking.

I watch a lot of acting, and if something's good (or just if my curiosity is piqued) I'll go onto Wikipedia/IMDb and look for trivia.

So what's the most surprising bit of info you've gleaned?

I'm currently ploughing through Billions. I learned tonight that "Kate Sacker" ' s mum is Phylicia Rashad, Bill Cosby's wife on The Cosby Show. Her aunt is Debbie "You've got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here's where you start paying in sweat" Allen.

And the lead on Law and Order SUV? Mariska Hargitay? She's the daughter of Jayne Mansfield and was in the car crash that killed her.

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Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
That my mate is on there for a non speaking part on a crime recreation documentary on an obscure channel and I am not despite being on the credits of 3 (albeit niche) films, one of which was on Netflix for a while. Bitter, moi?

Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
I'm fairly sure that you can add yourself. https://contribute.imdb.com/czone?ref_=nv_cm_cz

It would be a travesty as all I did was play shed loads of old computer games and record them for footage. And it is nice to see my mate on there as he sadly passed not long after he went through his TV phase. He was planning for early retirement in NZ and got himself on The Weakest Link and Jetset and also a short film and extras work. Then the Big C got him quickly. Even an Albion link - his son nearly signed for us but refused to train on Christmas Day for a Boxing day game at Norwich in 2002. We dodged a bullet as he became a sicknote, got in trouble with the police and is now a coach in India.


Would be nice if someone had added me to IMDB as an idle boast but I am not sad enough to do it myself!


Living the dream
Apr 23, 2015
Shoreham Beaaaach
The German submarine Captain in the Dwane Johnson film, Jungle Cruise, is actor Jesse Plemons.

He's married to Kirsten Dunst :love:

They have 2 kids together. Both were in Fargo where they met and in the recent film The Power of The Dog.


Nov 15, 2008
Harry (cousin dudley) Melling from the Harry Potter series (and more recently the Charlize Theron action film The Old Guard)


is the grandson of Patrick 'Dr Who' Troughton.

A couple of years ago, I discovered the existence of:


Which had the most hilarious imdb trivia page ever. I think they've mostly been removed because they were lies, but it was things like:

Peter Dinklage was the official water drinking champion on set, downing gallons a day.

Gary Oldman would often cook for the cast, dishing up his world famous hungarian goulash.

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