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Ibrahim Osman is set to join Brighton and Hove Albion in July

Is there any other team in English football that can boast the hit rate that Brighton can over the last decade in the transfer window? It seems as though it’s been a steady conveyor belt of buying players on the cheap and selling them for 10 times the price they paid just a few seasons later.

The recruitment structure and policy are some of the most revered in the English game. They’re a fantastic example of how English teams can still navigate and compete at the top level without having the budget of the biggest spenders in the league, such as Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea. Ibrahim Osman is hoping to be the latest in a long line of Brighton bargains who have gone on to perform wonders in the Premier League.

Brighton’s aspirations for next season?​

Osman will be keen to string together a run of starts in Brighton’s 11. Outright betting markets are often a good gauge of whether a team has what it takes to finish in the European spots. Aston Villa was the surprise package last year, defying the sportsbooks and pipping the likes of Spurs to the coveted fourth-place Champions League qualifying position.

Many betting apps are adjusting to focus on Euro 2024 at the moment, which is no surprise given how much attention it’s getting in the media and across the broader footballing landscape. However, Brighton’s odds of getting into Europe will improve post-Euros, especially if they add a few fresh faces to join Osman at the AMEX.

Of course, over the last few decades, there have been notable exceptions to this rule of thumb where the sportsbooks have got it wrong. However, given that Brighton was talked about as a possible Champions League contender only two or three years ago, they will be keen to go into the 2024/25 season more positively.

The fact that they languished to a second-half finish at the end of last season shows that they need to make some adjustments and inject some fresh talent into their starting 11 if they want to aim for European qualification next season. However, some fans are more optimistic than others. At the very least, you’d think that finishing in the top half would be the bare minimum goal for the Seagulls.

What does Osman bring to the team?​

Brighton has been known for their quality and smooth attacking football, even dating back to the days of Graham Potter and Roberto De Zerbi, until the latter parted ways with Brighton this summer with the club and the Italian coming to a mutual disagreement, so to speak.

Anyway, our point is that it doesn’t seem to matter which manager is at the helm at the AMEX Stadium; there’s an ethos at the club that focuses more on the structure and philosophy of the game rather than a manager who stamps their presence as a monolithic figure, making their presence known throughout the club. A Jose Mourinho-style figure, for instance.

This suits Osman. He will be focused on obtaining a place in the starting 11 regardless of what happens off the field. Fabian Hurzeler, the new Brighton boss and the youngest manager in the Premier League's history, will be looking to stamp his ideas into the wider culture at the Seagulls. After working wonders with St Pauli, Osman will be confident that the American will have him in his plans as a fresh, explosive winger who knows how to find the back of the net.

Granted, Hurzeler did not sign Osman, but Brighton's recruitment strategy continues to inspire envy among several other teams that can’t get it right. While Osman is young, he isn’t cheap, so there will be a weight of expectation from Seagulls fans, but Hurzeler will be keen to give him a go to see if he fits into his long-term strategy. He’s been causing a stir at FC Nordsjælland but replicating this form in the Premier League is a different kettle of fish. Either way, it will be exciting to see how he adapts to the tenacity and speed of England’s elite game.

Final thoughts​

Osman has all the tools to make a name for himself in the Premier League. However, as with many young, talented wingers, it’s all about the application and work ethic when they’re looking to break into the fringes of the team.

Brighton made the right move, signing the youngster at the beginning of 2024 but allowing him the time and experience he gained by staying at FC Nordsjælland, where they knew he would be playing regular football. Now that he’s gained this experience, he can begin to grow in Brighton’s U21 team and reserves, and if he can impress coaches at that level, then we could see him featured in the starting 11 at the beginning of next season.

There’ll be a lot of interest in Brighton next season, given that they’ve appointed a manager who is younger than several team members. This might take the spotlight off big-money youngsters like Ibrahim.

We’ve seen what he can do through highlight reels on YouTube, but FC Nordsjælland fans have also spoke highly of the young Ghanian. It wouldn’t be that much of a shock for Brighton to unearth yet another top-tier talent and land themselves a bargain while doing so.
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