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[Albion] I bet our 'friends' in SE20 are laughing their asses off

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Mar 23, 2012
They probably are. Contrary to popular belief I am not PALACE. I may have Posted anti Potter comments when we didn't win etc, buts a big loss. Potter seemed to draw the best out of some goid payers and not so good. Whether he can get the same team spirit with a bunch of prima donnas we shall see.


'The' Yaztromo
They'll be thinking "There but the grace of God go I."

Today is further proof - if more proof were needed - that the Premier League is a competition for 6 teams with the other 14 there to make up the numbers.

If Leicester get relegated then that's no title / FA Cup / League Cup for the entire 14 other Prem sides FOR 27 YEARS.

God, that’s grim. Maybe, just maybe the ESL was the best idea after all.

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