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[Football] HYPOTHETICALLY if the 'Big 6' left the Prem, who would win it?

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Who would win the Prem if the 'Big 6' left?

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Cheeky Monkey

Jul 17, 2003
Eventually a new "big four / six" would establish themselves but for the first few years it would probably be chaos and very even.

Leicester probably got a bit of a head start though. Very well run club and has been for a while.

If the Thai money ever goes Leicester will revert to a more ‘natural’ position befitting the size of the club.

Surf's Up

Jul 17, 2011
If we could hold onto a lead we would actually be right up there with Leicester (31 points lost this season I believe - you do the maths!!)


Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex
Short term, Leicester and Everton (and possibly the likes of Wolves and Leeds muscling in). Medium to Longer term teams with solid foundations and world class facilities would emerge, which would benefit us (assuming things here stay on an even keel).


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Glasgow Rangers, as the EPL allow Celtic and Rangers in to ensure TV revenue is kept up, with Hibernian and Aberdeen transferred to the Championship.

I’d love that.

Sadly, explained today, every single English club with a vote would vote against it as they have in the past.

I think due to a Turkeys voting for Xmas reason. Everton, Leicester, Newcastle, Leeds, Massive won’t allow two genuinely huge clubs to play in a league where they’d inherently displace two English clubs and with money, win the lot.
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The Fits

Jun 29, 2020
Leicester would walk it, they're an incredible team. They deserve to be in Europe.
I reckon we'd move up to the tier directly below them- West Ham, Everton, Villa, Us.
We're ready for it.


Anti-greed coalition
Jul 20, 2003
according to the all powerful xG x pts table ...

the current standings are ...

Brighton And Hove Albion p31 52

West Ham Olypmpiompops p32 49.5

Leicester Shit House Mate p31 48

Asphalt Vile p30 45and a bit

Dirty Leeds p32 42ish
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Boing boing boing...
Aug 3, 2015
If we could hold onto a lead we would actually be right up there with Leicester (31 points lost this season I believe - you do the maths!!)

You get that 31 points from a Mourinho article? If so - I read that article as well, and my interpretation was that stat applies to the entire tenure of Mourinho at Spurs, not this season only. So the figure for this season will be less than 31.

Edit: Yup - as of 5th April, we'd dropped 20 points from winning positions this season.

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