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[Finance] How would you spend £180 million

Stat Brother

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Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
So now the question is:-

'How will you spend £201,000,000?'


Mar 13, 2013
You wouldn't see my arse for dust, if I won a big stack of cash! Actually, I'd buy an incinerator, for all the begging letters. I lie, I'd hire some one to burn all the begging letters.
If any money went from me to any charitable organisations, you wouldn't know about it. That way, I wouldn't receive more begging letters thinking I was a soft touch or somebody who shares stuff


Pocket Rocket
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Jul 8, 2003
Here and There
Purchase Palace, then install myself as chairman and head coach…………
I'd ring-fence £100M and keep it in a high security chest. I'd then buy a crane and suspend the ring-fenced monies above Selhurst Park... and that's where it would stay... forever.

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