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[Misc] How many days have you been alive?

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Oct 3, 2006
Burgess Hill
Ooh I like the Albion bit, perhaps people can put their day’s supporting The Albion starting from your first game, if you can’t remember day or month just select 21 June and the relevant year.

17th Nov 73. Dull draw 0-0 with Chesterfield but it did include a tour of the Godstone in the morning with my team. (St Francis U12s). Can't imagine many grounds still have a communal bath!! Highlight was each getting a chance to sit in the dugout where later that day Mr Clough would be sitting.


Nov 19, 2010
Turns out I'm 3 days away from my 13,000th day on this planet which, I dunno, feels kind of ominous.

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