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[Albion] How are the players feeling right now?

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Jun 21, 2012
Born In Shoreham
I must have misunderstood I thought this was the club's intention to develop players Potter was brought in to do this
Part of the self sustainable club long term plan
It's a shock the existing staff have jumped with him though
It will cause disruption But if our recent past is anything to go by there will be contingency plans in place
Yes and that’s fine developing talent although who’s going to do that now? The ratio of signings is lent towards possible talent than ready made talent.


Jul 5, 2003
Some wet blankets here !!!

It's just a job for most of them at the end of the day.

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Dec 8, 2021
gutted i expect and i can see a winless run coming GP had certain style and it will take ages for a new managerto get up and running this season is over when we were on cusp of Europe some ppl on here laughed at me saying hat last season and look where we finished and are now - happy to be proved wrong at end of season but doubt it will hppen

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
I felt it was wrong for Bloom to put all the eggs in Potters basket we signed players for Potter to develop rather than because they improve the side immediately. The whole ethos relied on Potter and now he’s gone.

You'd prefer the owner force the manager to make the best of what the owner decides to buy?

Hmmm.....our recruitment wasn't like that.....

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