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[Albion] Guess Albion’s First Fixture For 2020/21 Season?

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Badger Boy

Mr Badger
Jan 28, 2016
Crystal Palace (H).

They will very cynically schedule some of the hotter matches for the first weeks of the season where there's no chance of any fans attending. Saves policing costs, for one thing.


Jun 29, 2009
Man City (h)

If it's not Watford that's the only other precedent that's been set.
I don't think it will be Man City as I suspect they will not play for a couple of weeks into the new season as they are still involved in the CL and need extra time to recover.

Common as Mook

Not Posh as Fook
Jul 26, 2004
Everton (a)

For many years regular favourites in the 'who do you want in the FA cup' threads.

Now, after a few league meetings, I get the feeling that it's one of the least appealing fixtures.

I'd say it's fairly appealing given what a whingeing set of entitled ****s their players are


Nov 11, 2009
Now Watford are out of the equation, they seemed to be selected for one of our first three games every year, so I will plump for Man City at home as game numero uno. Again, one of those teams that we always play at the beginning and end of each season.

Mind you, what fun it would be if we got Leeds (away) first match and with Ben White scoring the winner for us in the 94th minute. :lolol:

Everton home
maybe they'll do the local derbies first match this time so teams are not travelling too far first few weeks. So on that basis im going with Southampton home followed by Palace away. With CL teams not playing for at least the first two weeks now, we could be TOP after first two matches :)

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