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[Albion] Grimsby fans in the home stands - what would you do?

If Grimsby fans find their way into the home stands, how will you react?

  • Alert a steward straight away, it’s out of order!

    Votes: 20 6.9%
  • Pat them on the back and make them feel welcome.

    Votes: 110 38.1%
  • Pop their Haddocks!

    Votes: 52 18.0%
  • Ignore them, who cares?

    Votes: 110 38.1%
  • Buy them a commiseration/celebration pint at the end of the game.

    Votes: 22 7.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Westdene Seagull

aka Cap'n Carl Firecrotch
NSC Patron
Oct 27, 2003
The arse end of Hangleton
I really struggle to understand why some people get so irate about it. It's a game of football FFS !!!!! Let them enjoy their day out. I don't like the word and certainly rarely use it but only a grass would go to a steward.

Publius Ovidius

Well-known member
Jul 5, 2003
at home
Run em all tje way to cleethorps


Aug 30, 2011
Unlikely to be many as it's not on general sale. The Grimsby fan would need previous purchase history with us, or an Albion friend willing to vouch for them. Can't see there being many at all.

If Albion fans are trying to sell them on at inflated prices then hopefully they get identified and banned.


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2011
So long as they don't get their Harry the Haddock out, let them enjoy their day out and remember where we came from


Well-known member
Sep 28, 2011
From what I've seen so far from most of their fans, it would be fine, they are respectful and don't really expect to get anything from the game but will be enjoying their weekend down here. Don't think this will be a big issue anyway as it's not like its Liverpool or Man U where all the sussex plastics are getting tickets off their mates.


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
NSC Patron
Apr 5, 2014
Im sick of away fans getting into home areas. Alert a steward and chuck them out.
Let he who has never once bought a ticket for a home stand cast the first stone.


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
NSC Patron
Apr 5, 2014


Anti-greed coalition
Jul 20, 2003
Just had a bet with a bloke who was adamant that Grimsby was in Yorkshire rather than Lincolnshire.

I won a tenner and he's suitably Humberelled.


Well-known member
Oct 11, 2006
I would be absolutely incandescent, would probably then give a rather loud tut and write to the Argus in the evening.

ac gull

Well-known member
Jul 7, 2003
was in home stand at Villa Park for our FA cup game that was 2-2 draw under Poyet

family of away fans had two kids, also in home stand - one child aged about 5 celebrated our first goal - whole family got thrown out by stewards and abused by home fans in the process

another time have been in away stand at villa and some of our fans behaving in quite anti social way, several ( not me ) away fans complained to a steward stood next to me about it at half time - steward just shrugged his shoulder and said "its ok its at the football initt like"

never had much time for Villa after that ...

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