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[Politics] General Election 2024 - The Poll

Where's your vote going ?

  • Conservative

    Votes: 54 10.2%
  • Labour

    Votes: 265 50.0%
  • Lib Dems

    Votes: 69 13.0%
  • Green

    Votes: 49 9.2%
  • Reform UK

    Votes: 31 5.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 16 3.0%
  • Don't know

    Votes: 46 8.7%

  • Total voters


Well-known member
NSC Patron
Jul 10, 2003
It's on !

And the poll is anonymous for anyone who's a little shy about their intentions :wink:


Jan 19, 2018
Mid mid mid Sussex
I live in a house, a very small house, in the country, so would like to Vote For Dave, but in reality the Lib Dems have a much better* chance of beating the new Tory.

It's a quandary.

* as in slim to middling...

Worried Man Blues

Well-known member
Feb 28, 2009
I'm under a Labour Govt, and have been for many a year and everything's just wonderful over here, come and join us!


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
NSC Patron
Apr 5, 2014
Spoiling my ballot paper. Haven't decided for who yet. Here's my 2021 PCC decision.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 102931.png


Well-known member
NSC Patron
Jul 10, 2003
I’m voting for Sir Peter Bottomley, not because he’s a Tory but because in my experience he’s a compassionate, human being, who cares about all of his constituents whether they voted for him or not.

Vote for Bottomley, get Sunak, Braverman, Rees-Mogg, Patel, Rwanda, Government backhanders, Covid parties, narcissism, dishonesty, high taxes, low investment, economic incompetence, hugely increased cost of living, etc etc

Much as I'm sure he's lovely, even you have to admit, that's quite a lot to offset Lenny ???

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