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[Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD


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Jul 5, 2003
West Sussex

Gary Lineker is to step back from presenting Match of the Day until an agreement is reached on his social media use - BBC statement.
It follows an impartiality row over comments he made criticising the government's new asylum policy.
In a tweet, the presenter had compared the language used by the government to set out its plan to "that used by Germany in the 30s".


A. Virgo, Football Genius
Jul 21, 2003
BBC3 🤣🤣 - censorship by showing it on a channel no one has ever watched 🤣🤣
watched by the target audience though? its an odd side issue to keep coming up, based on speculation by anonymous source, denied by the producer.


May 13, 2019
Just to add the people that matter Holocaust UK have said without mentioning names that it is wrong to reference what's been said to 1930s Germany. Maybe GL should apologise to them

If he agrees with that it is wrong, then he should apologise. If he doesn't agree with it, he shouldn't. As long as there's people interested in political history, how Nazi Germany came to be and the sort of tools and propaganda used to turn people into nazis, there will sometimes be references to 1930s Germany as it is a well-documented, prime example of how hatred against other races and ethnicities can be manufactured through language and policies.

Plenty of these organisations were created in order to keep the memories alive and to prevent something similar from ever happening again, which goes hand in hand with what Gary Lineker did. But quite a few of these organisations have eroded into protecting the Nazi era as the worst thing that ever happened - and more importantly and damaging, the worst thing that will ever happen. Which is a form of protectionism quite the opposite to the original intentions of preventionism.

Goldstone Guy

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Nov 18, 2006
but then someone invented anti personnel ordinance , penicillin and religion's all gone tits up since then , 400 years ago entire villages got wiped out by vikings and no one knew a thing , these days Darion from Cleethorpes gets his i phone nicked by 3 somali refugees and twitter is alight with OUTRAGE ...:lolol: they are driving us round the bend lads.
You reckon the vikings were pillaging Britain in 1623?

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Sorry, I haven't read the whole thread so don't know if this has been replied to or not.

The thing is, in late 20s early 30s Germany this isn't what was happening either (to start with). I do not think Gary Linkeker was suggesting this is what is, or is about to happen, here today.

But the climate that allowed those things to happen, with the population standing by and allowing it, started with small steps of inhumanity and hate. Distract people from the real problems by creating targets of hate. Convince people that those targets are the cause of all our ills. Speak about them as though they are the enemy. Then start taking away their rights. Then who is the next enemy ... .

I do not think Lineker is suggesting that we are soon to start sending people to gas chambers. But he is right that the tactics now are similar to in Germany. The government are trying to distract us from the shitshow they have created in the country, by demonising a vulnerable and insignificant group, and essentually stirring up hate about them. But as much as the Government would like the man on the street to believe that stopping small boats with asylum seekers will solve all our problems, they're talking bollocks. Fix the country's real problems instead.

The latest I heard is that nobody has agreed to present MOTD tonight and even the commentators have withdrawn their labour.

How interesting ???

The longer the BBC allow this to rumble the more it is going to look like they have been taken over by tories (see the post by @Wozza above) and are trying to find some loop hole with which to beat someone who has the temerity to not be foursquare behind Johnson. I mean Truss. Sorry Sunak. It isn't a good look, and it seems everyone working in and around MOTD knows this.

Greg Bobkin

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May 22, 2012
I’m not sure this has divided people. They are divided anyway and social media is their outlet of choice because shoving politics down other people’s throats is not generally the done thing in real life. I’m a bit bemused by it all from a football perspective because if ever there was a bunch of presenters that won’t be missed it is Lineker, Shearer and Wright.
One look at this thread shows that people are divided on the subject!

I don't care about the individuals involved, it's the principle and the actions of the BBC that gets me. Plus the hypocrisy of those who normally froth that the gash about 'cancel culture'.


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Jun 26, 2012
Does anyone know the political views of that bloke who hosts all those train programmes on the bbc?

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