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Jul 30, 2003
My learner Advice fwiw....

Don’t buy too cheap. It is harder on your hands.

Don’t put it away, leave it resting on a stand. You’re far more likely to stick with it if it isn’t a faff to have to simply pick it up for five minutes.

Try and play daily, weekly practice will not get you far as your fingers will not build and maintain the required strength.

If your fingers hurt really badly, put the guitar down or you may struggle to play the following day. Little and often is key.

If you lack the required patience then get an electric. They are easier to learn with than acoustic.

Use the internet for most of your learning. There are some fabulous free lessons and teachers that cover everything. A private teacher occasionally will help with any bad habits though.

Most importantly. Stick with it, you will never regret learning to play.

Good luck!

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All great advice, plus it’s never too late to learn.

As a 60’something now, I only started trying to play an acoustic guitar last year and am absolutely loving it.

Incidentally, I started with a ukulele first. I got that so that I could play some songs (eventually) to my Mum who is a dementia sufferer in a care home. As her condition has deteriorated, music still seems to get through to her somehow. Anyway, the ukulele is just 4 strings, nice and portable ... and you can try and play some great songs, in loads of different styles - it’s not all George Formby.

So, for anyone thinking of giving this hobby a go, get an instrument, a small electronic tuner, capo and bag ... and have some fun. So many fantastic 3 or 4 chord songs out there to try.

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