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[Music] First gig, Worst Gig and Can't be topped gig?

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bn9 bha

Jul 14, 2013
Anyway first and worst is The Who at The Centre in about 1980/81


That was one of my favourite gigs!!
I wasn’t really a fan of The Who back then but I was given a free ticket, liked them ever since.

monty uk

Sep 25, 2018
First: Genesis at the Dome, Foxtrot tour. 70p to get in. I think String Driven Thing were support so they are the actual first band I saw.

Worst: No too many but I'll go for the second time I saw Bryan Adams at Wembley. The first time I saw Bryan Adams I had been dragged along by my girlfriend and, unusually for me, not wanting to upset her again, said it was quite good. Actually I loathed it. The worst type of wet, fist-pumping pop-rock nonsense (and I love a bit of pop, and a bit of rock, even a bit of arena rock, but....) imaginable. The second time I went I could barely disguise my disappointment and, during the gig, my absolute agony as a big fat bloke in front of me attempted to clap along, but without any semblance of rhi-hi-hythm, to the dim dirge on stage :shootself:

Best: Hard to call. I won't bore everyone with my usual overkill and list 20, so I will invent two sections (below) and say the best was probably the fist time I saw Wire at the Nashville rooms in Fulham in about 78 when they released Pink Flag. It was absolute shiver down the spine music, with the occasional 20 second interludes going bat shit mental to tracks like Mr Suit. Because I knew every song and every word I knew exactly when to stop dancing and felt super cool as a consequence :lolol: :wanker:

Last: The delicious Boy Harsher at the Scala earliy in the year.

Most Iconic: The original Human League, also at The Nashville, with Brian Eno sitting alone by the door, and a brief visit from one David Bowie (plus 2 minders) who stood next to me, and exchanged a few words :love:

I can't top my ex wife's most iconic - the Stones at Altamont. Or my mate Roy's who saw the original Pink Floyd at the UFO more than once, and my old pal Bob's who saw the Beatles play the Cavern more than 20 times, and Little Richard play the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton. :bowdown:

I once stood at the next (but one) urinal to Jonathan Richman at Eric’s in Liverpool. The Modern Lovers weren’t there, nor any Egyptians.

We didn’t converse.

My wife, from Liverpool didn't ever see the Beatles but constantly reminds me that she saw Hendrix, as support for somebody else. She has also sat in the front seat of a helicopter and I haven't.
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The Clamp

Jan 11, 2016
West is BEST
First - Soundgarden
Worst- Rage against the machine. Just recited anti war poetry until we all left.
Can’t be topped- Rollins Band, Illumination tour ‘96 (I think). The Flaming Lips and Giant Sand have both come close but not quite topped that one.


Feb 6, 2015
First - The Who Worthing Assembly hall 1974

Worst - Bay City Rollers Worthing Pavilion 1976?

Best - led zep Knebworth 1979

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Sanity Clause
May 5, 2008
First gig, AC/DC at the Brighton Centre about 1978 ish..
Worst gig, see above.
Best gig, Thin Lizzy 1979 at the Brighton Centre or, Thin Lizzy 1981 at the Brighton Centre, both gigs absolutely brilliant, my ears bled and I was deaf for 3 days after each gig. Lynott on form, was a rock giant.


Aug 22, 2012
First gig: Alice Cooper at Wembley arena, December 1989. Birthday present from my dad's mate.
Worst gig: Jason Donovan at Wembley arena, 1992 I believe. Birthday "present" from my mum's old next door neighbour who was obsessed with Donovan and clearly had nobody to go with. Awful.
Best gig: Linkin Park, O2 arena, 2008. Unbelievable gig. Chester Bennington was one of the greatest voices and their music still holds many memories for me. So glad I got to see them live.
May 5, 2008
First .. Discharge , Hammersmith Palais 88/89 ish
Worst.. Discharge Hammersmith Palais 88/89 ish .....skinheads turned up , all kicked off , band were shit to be fair.
Best... Alabama 3 o2 oxford 2018 . perfect night.


Apr 26, 2017
First:Incredible String Band @ Dome c. 1970
Worst: Edgar Broughton Band @ some place up from the Clock Tower c. 1970
Best: YES @ The Big Apple club c. 1971; or Van Morrison @ Hammersmith Odeon c. 1980 (he wasn't pissed or high, and stayed on stage for 90 minutes 👍).

Pembury Seagull

Mar 4, 2017
On The Edge of Town
First: Rockpile (Nick Lowe / Dave Edmunds) supported by The Specials, Hammersmith Palais, 1979

Worst: After the past year, it is difficult to think of any live music as bad

Best: Springsteen - always been a great show, would probably choose Independence Day 1985 at Wembley Stadium
May 29, 2011
Boring By Sea
First- Madness at Hammersmith Palais around 1980. This was an Under 18s only event. Cost a quid to get in and started, I kid you not, at 11.30 a.m
Worst- De Le Soul at Top Rank and numerous Fall gigs. Naturally.
Best- British Sea Power at High Rocks. ( The first time) and Grinderman at The King Alfred.

The Mole

Active member
Feb 20, 2004
Bowdon actually , Cheshire
First nine below zero - freshers week at Bristol many years ago
Best - The Boss Wembley Arena 1981
Worst - can’t think of any really bad ones - just because I don’t like the music doesn’t make it a bad gig


Brighton Bhuna Boy
Jul 6, 2003
Haywards Heath
First, Slade in Brighton (ably supported by Suzy Quattro and Thin Lizzie). Early 70s

Worst, Probably the Nolan Sisters again in Brighton. To please my girlfriend who went on to be wife. Bucks Fizz (Crawley) and Michael Buble (O2) falls in the same category.

Best, Still my fav band. ELO at Wembley Arena circa 1981.


Jul 14, 2014
First: The Who at Dunstable Civic Hall (1969?) possibly just before or just after they were at Woodstock

Best: Joan Baez anywhere - but especially at Crawley (I know, I know!) a few years ago, when she sang and dedicated "Forever Young" to me and my wife, and our two friends, as it was our anniversary (I did write and ask her). Especially poignant as our two friends have both died in the intervening years.
Special mention to The Saw Doctors, whose live gigs never fail to please.

One of my most memorable gigs was seeing her at Ephesus in Turkey on a balmy summer night. Venues don't come any better.

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