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[Music] Favourite Springsteen song


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Jun 11, 2007
Saw him in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago and off to Milan next weekend to see him at the San Siro.

Thunder Road
Wrecking Ball
Racing in the Street
No doubt you’ve heard both San Siro gigs postponed along with Prague and Marseille last night. Gutted for you but at least you saw him in Cardiff as I did in Cork. What with the American postponements earlier in tour, I don’t think any Bruce gig can be certain from here.


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Nov 9, 2009
The live version at the Garden is spellbinding
I saw him perform that at Shea Stadium at the last two nights of The Rising Tour, 2003. Brilliant song and such a moving true story.
The NYPD police were so upset about him playing it that a lot who were in the audience got up and walked out in protest.


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Nov 9, 2009
I've seen him 38 times since Independence Day at Wembley in 85.
Greatest show was San Siro in 2003, a typhon happened in Milan,5 songs into the show. Never seen rain like it, so they played Creedence song Who's Gonna Stop The Rain. 70000peaple in the stands and on the pitch. Floods blew all the subway power and street lights out.
Favourite songs, too many to mention, although Born To Run sounds as good and fresh today as it did 49 years ago.
Hungry Heart got me into Bruce originally.
"If I should fall behind" video with the band all at the mic is awesome
This song means so much to me and Mrs HS, played this on a loop when I woke up and found out that Clarence had died.
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Swiss perfection

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Jul 27, 2018
Saw him in Zurich last year, just done Cardiff and off to Marseille tomorrow
No surrender
The Rising
Marseille not to be , all waiting in line and rumour went off and then confirmed cancelled. Cant see him being able to re schedule in the short term ,my nipper has San siro as well so a bit of a damp squib ,cheers Sunderland !

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