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Fans Re-united - 24th September @ Home Park, Plymouth


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Aug 28, 2004
Shaky Town, NZ
I'm sure we're all aware of the plight of Argyle, and the amount of help they gave us (Brighton) in our (their) hour of need. I think it's time to repay that favour and declare their home game on the 24th September as FANS RE-UNITED DAY.

They are in real danger of them going into liquidation. This would then mean our friends down the road would no longer exist as a team. The knock on effect throughout the football pyramid would be immense (although certain teams will feel immune from it). Their players have taken a 60% paycut to ensure the team can survive for another few weeks. We, the fans of the sport, need to show solidarity with their team.

We need to rally the troops and take as many as possible down there to get behind Argyle. Take anything you can that will make a lot of noise down there. whistles, rattles, vuvuzelas, anything that's legal in a ground and will get heard. Let's make Home Park the noisest ground on the country for this day. If we (Brighton) could pull off a Fans United Day before the internet was a huge as it is now, can you imagine the potential now.

Wear your colours and show them how much support they have.

Please, if you're registered on a different football forum, copy this into their forum. We need to show the country how corrupt Risdale is.

Saturday 24th September is Fans re-united day @ Home Park


The cost will be £23 per person
To book on a coach please email your details to enquiries[MENTION=14331]blues[/MENTION] or message [MENTION=17012]joker[/MENTION]
In the subject box just put PAFC. In the email/message you MUST provide your name and phone number.

Bha Blues Away have put two coaches for this event, they will leave Withdean (The Sportsman) at 7am to try and reach Plymouth for midday, the coach company Eastbourne Executive Travel have given a substantial discount on both coaches to help the cause.
Please guys only book on if you are a definite as they need to fill both coaches, BHA Blues Away are also putting up £100 per coach to keep the costs as low as possible.
Anyone who books on and doesn't turn up will named and shamed


To guarantee a ticket please book a ticket to the Fans Fest run by the Green Taverners. The £25 includes a match ticket, a pie, a pint (or soft drink) and entertainment.

Details are in the following link: Supporters Direct Day 24th September
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Jul 29, 2011
Quaghog, Rhode Island
I have much support for this, I think its a brilliant idea. Agreed with the idea of a facebook event to attract more people.


Jul 19, 2003
As I said in the other thread I am well up for this, If people want to lift share I'd pay my part of the fuel.


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Jul 5, 2003
Who are Plymouth playing on the 24th?

Da Man Clay

Dec 16, 2004
Has this been done in some sort of conjunction with Plymouth fans? Or just a date you've randomly selected?

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