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[Albion] Fabian Hürzeler **SINGED 15/06/2024**

Would Fabian Hurzeler be a good replacement for RDZ?

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Oct 19, 2003
You sound like a man who has experience with doing this.

Not trolling. Concerned for club if this falls through. Disappointed to miss out on Potter, but happy to settle for this guy. Some of the other reported options are horrifying and would write off this season for sure. Wouldn't be surprised if there are some other randos that the club has on their list that we don't know about though.

I wonder what the club would do if they literally can't get any decent manager in. Caretaker manager for a bit?
The only possible outcome at this stage is Mickey Adams

Blooms legendary list is very short this year.

Were all doomed!!!


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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
That’s why I posted his tweet after the Brighton Bubble and Romano one (his was the slightly earlier one 😉) and he is usually very reliable I’ve found. He did a very good synopsis of FH which I posted up thread last week - he is (as mentioned above) a German Sky News reporter.

You can count on one hand the reliable football transfer/news people. Imho Alex Crook of Talksport and Ornstein invariably report stuff which is almost certain to occur.


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Oct 19, 2003
I think you need three years of data to get a good idea of the ability of a coach. Eg. I suspect RDZ rode Potters wave of success in the first season, and got found out and ran out of ideas in the 2nd. I suspect if he stayed here a third season, he would have been sacked for underperforming. Over time I believe it will be clear that Potter was a superior manager all along - and RDZ is one a trick pony, that will fail in his other endeavours.

Potter took us from perpetual relegation candidates into a solid mid table side. If Hurzeler takes us from a solid mid table side into solid European candidates within 3 seasons, I will totally accept that he is as good, if not better, than Potter.

But sadly, I'm not that optimistic. I believe it will be a MIRACLE if we've somehow identified this 31 year old worldie manager that will take the Premier League by storm. Realistically, I think he's the 'next best' available on the clubs' list. If he prevents relegation in his first two seasons, I'll be delighted.
You know if you think Potter is a great coach and should be our next manager you really should have mentioned it.

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Feb 20, 2017
I’ll have to leave the technical details to others since I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination but in broad strokes:

Hürzeler has brought up de Zerbi more than once when asked about his role models in coaching and our style of play under him was commonly compared to Leverkusen, Stuttgart and Brighton in German football media.

Timo Schultz, his predecessor at St. Pauli, played a system that wasn’t all that different but Hürzeler managed to add an impressive defensive stability to it. When he took over we were just above the relegation line just for him to win his first ten games in a row and end the season just shy of promotion.

This season we picked up right were we left of and for a good stretch of it outright dominated the competition. Other managers are slowly adapting to this style of play (an experience you made this season too I think?) but what excited me the most watching our games was that not always but very often when a game didn’t go our way in the first half Hürzeler would make one or two small adjustments and it felt like it was a different team on the pitch. He seems insanely good at reading a game.

As for his character, he’s not a Klopp, you’re not gonna see any YouTube compilations of funny shit he said any time soon I’m fairly certain. He can come across as a bit reserved and awkward but at his age who is gonna blame him. As for his behaviour during games let's just say he got more yellows this season (7 iirc) than most of our players. Do with that info what you will but personally I mostly blame the refs 😁

He is an incredible communicator internally though. We had so many players sing his praises because he knows exactly how to talk to different kinds of people to push them to their limits and beyond. He can improve veteran players just as well as he can integrate young talent.

Between his favoured style of play and him absolutely living and breathing football every minute of the day Brighton seems just about the perfect place for him. He would probably marry Starlizard if he could so it’s no surprise he wants this job badly.

Of course it’s frustrating to see him go because he was likely the smartest manager our club has ever seen but we knew the day would come rather sooner than later, we were all just hoping we’d at least get one year of Bundesliga with him.

There’s no way of telling how he’ll fare with you seeing how young he is and the PL certainly is a different beast than Bundesliga 2 but on paper I don’t think you could find a better match for your club and he definitely has the drive and ambition to make it work.
Thank you. :)
He sounds perfect. (y) I understand (we all probably do) your frustration at your manager leaving when you're on the cusp of something amazing. It's annoying! We will look after him though, he's coming to a nice club, with good fans and a great team. That probably doesn't help, but to put it into context Potter left for Chelsea! If Fabian does come here he'll be joining a 'sane' club. 😁


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Oct 20, 2022
You can count on one hand the reliable football transfer/news people. Imho Alex Crook of Talksport and Ornstein invariably report stuff which is almost certain to occur.
Yep, the rest just regurgitate everyone else’s rumours.

The story that followed the tweet from Plettenberg here - popped up about 10 minutes ago


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Jun 14, 2022
Very nice. Posting an abusive comment anonymously behind the comfort of your keyboard. I'm sure you're feeling very hard and strong right now.

I'm a life-long, genuine Albion fan. There is no need for that, surely?
Some of the mods do it so it's not surprising others do it as well. They do not set a good example and the culture follows.


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Jun 27, 2012


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Jun 27, 2012
Yep, the rest just regurgitate everyone else’s rumours.
Several German papers and Talk Sport, The Athletic, The Argus, Telegraph , The Guardian , Sky Sports, Fabrizio Romano, BBC Sport have all covered this and reported progress from their sources over the last week.

Feb 23, 2009
Brighton factually.....
Eh? I read it right. You think we're all going to be terribly disappointed, and you hope you're wrong.
Ok, my bad.

I felt at the time we might not get the Yank, and that we would be all disappointed because we don’t get him.
”I hope I’m wrong” about that.
because I want him and his babies


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Jan 26, 2012
I have, others keep mentioning him. I'm calling out the unwarranted abuse though. I have never resorted to that and never would. Against Albion fans, regardless of their (football related) opinions, it's just not on in my view.
Hey Mustafa, try not to take it to heart, if someone is trying to offend you, you give them the win by being offended. Give a little bit back with humour
I would have maybe said "I am not a complete knob, I am about 5% knob by bodyweight, 10% when I am doing your Mum, 15% when I am doing someone attractive"
I am a complete knob, but you are just a bellend.
You might get one coming back at you after, but if your comeback was funnier, you win.
Anyway, no one wants you to be upset, even if they are annoyed by your post in the moment.


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Jun 27, 2012
Don’t be obtuse please - I was exchanging posts with @Westander referring to ITK transfer pundit tweets specifically confirming deals were over the line, /contracts signed via tweets before it hits MSM sites - Brighton Bubble and many others regurgitate the tweets. Romano had already been mentioned, he likes to be the first out of the box and he very often is but he’s often behind the curve too as he’s been a few times this week - of course the MSM have been reporting this and covering the progress and of course journalists like JP work for them - I’m not stupid or blind.

Btw - that Hamburg Newspaper you googled at gone midnight tells us no more than the tweet I posted from Julian Pettenberg that he’d written over an hour earlier at 9.53 and his tweet was retweeted by others that’s the point.

Not who is reporting news but who is reporting it the fastest and has the scoop.
Not being obtuse so apols. Just wanted to credit multiple sources for bringing this story to us this week. Each has contributed to our understanding on this thread - as they have been based on genuine reporting (Romano included) , sometimes confirming news or breaking it - alongside for example - your insights, info snd drawing NSC’s attention to Hürzeler in the first place.

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Aug 4, 2006
As a home games only person, I literally don’t think or want to know about fixtures until August.

I love the long summer break from club football.
I’m missing it already.

I watched ‘pitch-side’ vs Arsenal away under RdZ last night (the 3-0 one), made us even more pumped for it….

Couldn’t really care less about the Euro’s, T20 England are embarrassing themselves, thank goodness for Sussex!

(Must get the home game sorted next season).

Jun 12, 2024
Moin zusammen,

I have two things to add to former descriptions of Hürzeler:

1. His ability to get a team back on the run. After our 10 win serie, we lost twice and the far fetched target of promotion was gone. But he got the team back and we got 11 points out of the last 5 matches, including an away win at Darmstadt who wanted to celebrate promotion that day and had to postpone it.

2. We only got 1 point out of three matches against hsv. I am not sure what your equivalent is, but you shouldn't be too excited ;-)

p.s. my greeting is a traditional northern German one which Hürzeler adapted quite naturally and used in his press conferences. I will miss it.

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