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[Albion] Fabian Hürzeler **SINGED 15/06/2024**

Would Fabian Hurzeler be a good replacement for RDZ?

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Apr 9, 2017
Ballarat, Australia
I just read an Athletic article on him, he sounds like a good balance between Potter and RDZ, not the least is his willingness to work within a budget. Let's hope we get him, work permit has already been approved apparently.


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Apr 5, 2014
American analyst. Two weeks ago- before the rumours.

Describing the zany and unique tactics.

But then says 'We've seen this a little bit with Brighton'



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Apr 23, 2015
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Funny old game isn't it?

Gone from the return of the miserable old ex who left with all the jewels and rapidly found that the grass wasn't greener. To the boring Plain Jane (Cooper) who was as exciting as a week old BLT.

To then pull the hottest, sexiest new chick on the block.

Football is all about passion and emotions as players, managers and fans. I can already see that he's going to be another RDZ and another crowd favourite.

God I love this club. None of that boring shite for us.

Jimmy Grimble

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Exciting. His tactical ideas seem impressive and in modern football that can go a long way in earning respect from players (especially if your previous two bosses have been Potter and RDZ).

Hopefully he’s also got the inspirational/motivational traits required to lift players when they’re down. I suspect this is what will be hardest for him, as opposed to getting a buy-in on his tactical ideas or football philosophy.


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Nov 28, 2011
Astley, Manchester
Mentions a certain Oliver Glasner as inspiration for his defensive set-up….
Certainly looks like he has more emphasis on defensive techniques than RDZ. Probably will see less goals scored and conceded.
Seems like he favours a 343 formation which I think will suit Barco/ Pervis and Hinshelwood/ Lamptey ( if he stays).
I also think that the three CB formation could suit us with Igor and Webster benefitting.
What will be of a little concern is how Mitoma adapts.
I think the pressing by the wide attackers will probably suit Adingra.
He also doesn’t seem to play an outright no 10 which may make Buononette’s chances more limited.
Overall though the positive is that he favours possession based domination and has some similarities in playing style to RDZ. So hopefully an evolution rather than revolution and I’m pleased to hear that he’ll be keeping the fourth official busy. Going from Roberto to a passionless coach would have been uninspiring.
I’m pleased that this is looking like it will progress.

Comrade Sam

Comrade Sam
Jan 31, 2013

a first picture of Fabian being introduced to Tony by PBOBE.


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Oct 20, 2022
American analyst. Two weeks ago- before the rumours.

Describing the zany and unique tactics.

But then says 'We've seen this a little bit with Brighton'

It’s one of the videos in the link in the first post on the thread (before the rumours 😉) scroll down for more - the tactical analysis is excellent to read albeit rather weighty, you don’t need to name it ‘De Zerbi’ inspired to see the elements of Roberto’s system.

There’s a lot of analysis and chat around a few weeks ago as St Pauli had just been promoted - Hürzeler’s been known for a long time to be a De Zerbi admirer, he’s talked about it before - He visited us btw in January to watch Spurs and said in an interview after, that his system took elements of De Zerbi - (interview also on first page of the thread).

Interestingly, some people (@attila certainly) here may remember, we placed players at St Pauli on loan under Potter - including Leo Ostigard for one season before we eventually sold him to SSC Napoli - they would still be a good loan side for us, even more now, if we haven’t upset them too much by poaching their manager.
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It's a HUGE risk but f*** it, it's an ambitious, exciting, fun and forward thinking appointment. If it doesn't work then so be it but this is such a bold appointment and I'm loving the energy it's brought to the fan base.
Spot on. I'm bloody excited. It's going to be immensely enjoyable. Can't wait to see his style of football and what the differences are to RDZ. Love the fact he's so different to what we've had before and is fiery, just what I wanted. Beyond happy.

I think we can start feeling confident that this is getting done.

There was some shocking names we were linked with, Cooper, etc .. so I'm feeling relieved.

We didn't get our main men, McKenna and Potter... But I can't help feel that this guy was high up the list, and probably would have been up there if there was more data proving that he will be successful.

A slight risk, but it I'm feeling confident that he'll do a good job. Hope the fans are patient with him, and that we get at least a few years out of him before he inevitably goes to Chelsea.
They weren't our main men ffs hahahah

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