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[Albion] Fabian Hürzeler **SINGED 15/06/2024**

Would Fabian Hurzeler be a good replacement for RDZ?

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Jul 23, 2008

Pleased but apprehensive about this appointment. Hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

Would totally take 15th place with steady signs of improvement throughout the 24/25 season.

Hope he's the real deal. Fans will need to be patient, and he has very limited experience and will be learning a lot as manager at this club.
Yep a steady season in lower mid table would be totally acceptable for me.


God is great
Mar 15, 2020
Yep a steady season in lower mid table would be totally acceptable for me.
Hmm. I hope we set our sights a bit higher. Of course a lot depends on if we can keep our better players and the injury list clears up but if we can I can't see many of the teams that finished below us this season (plus Palace and the 3 new teams) finishing above us. So I reckon 10th and maybe higher.

Sid and the Sharknados

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Sep 4, 2022
Interesting that TB says “a standout candidate” but not the “first choice”

McKenna it was then.
Either a) that's obvious from the reporting over the last few weeks, or b) all the reporting and rumours were bollocks and we could have been looking at any number of people who'd be considered "standout candidates".

Greg Bobkin

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May 22, 2012
Every player we have signed, NSCers have celebrated the signings when it’s been confirmed the contracts have been signed by the certain members of Press.

NSCers were celebrating RDZ’s signing when it was announced on Sky Sports.

Florian Pettenberg is a widely respected German Sky News sports journalist.
Why are members of the press signing contracts? ???

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