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[Albion] Fabian Hürzeler **SINGED 15/06/2024**

Would Fabian Hurzeler be a good replacement for RDZ?

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Jul 5, 2003


“Vorsprung durch Technik”
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Oct 20, 2022
Thank fcuk for that 😂

His name is fabulous Fabi
He’s got umlauts in his name,
With 3 at the back and our wingers in attack
We’re going to play in Europe again.


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Jul 11, 2003
Didn't take long :)


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Oct 19, 2020
St Johann in Tirol
Thought I would throw this one into the mix for fun and guess the next manager lark (apologies if he’s been mentioned before) - Sounds right up our street. A young and talented coach doing great stuff with St Pauli in the 2.Bundesliga - playing attractive football and winning matches on limited budget and losing key players to the Bundesliga. Playing out from the back, ‘De Zerbian progression’, controlling the tempo to invite the press in a possession based system that uses a ball playing GK and a left-sided progresser and a CB that ‘puts his sole on the ball’. The 3rd Key defender is used out of possession as a CB, in possession as a DM and using the two wingbacks/fullbacks to stretch the oppos defence. In attack, an inverted left winger with a talented striker. All sounds familiar?

Difference is, St Pauli are scoring goals.

EDIT - Following media releasing news that Brighton is interested - Poll added 6th June.

Mustafa II

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Oct 14, 2022

Pleased but apprehensive about this appointment. Hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

Would totally take 15th place with steady signs of improvement throughout the 24/25 season.

Hope he's the real deal. Fans will need to be patient, and he has very limited experience and will be learning a lot as manager at this club.

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