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[Football] Euros 2024 - Semi Final - Netherlands vs England


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
NSC Patron
Apr 5, 2014
I want to see the note someone has just passed Starmer as he’s not allowed his phone
England only reach finals on foreign soil under Labour governments


Well-known member
Jul 30, 2023
Great pass from Palmer great finish from pleased. Lot of luck with the penalty but England better team overall and showing good levels of resilience all of which we’ll need in spades in Sunday!

Shooting Star

Well-known member
Apr 29, 2011

Herr Tubthumper

Well-known member
NSC Patron
Jul 11, 2003
The Fatherland
Sunday is my wedding anniversary, would be a nice present if we do it.
I guess you’ve been married quite a long time? Have you tried oysters?

Sea Cider

Well-known member
Dec 27, 2012
Yep. But whether something is a foul is never about where the offended has kicked the ball. If they knock it out of play and are wiped-out, it's a foul.

Fair enough, that may be true. But we see those in the middle of the park all the time, and they're always free-kicks right?
We'll take it! But never a penalty in a million years, nor should it have been a free kick anywhere else on the pitch.


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
NSC Patron
Apr 5, 2014
I've been on Gareth's back for the past 4+ years now but those were good substitutions.

Decent performances over 45-60 minutes.
A generous pen for us.
Still room for a bit of improvement and big performances expected for the final.

Happy with that.
I was always a fanboy, and what I said about him having the team play for him, I stand by. He is clearly liked by the players

Recently his tactics have been very questionable. Tonight he got it right. And folk should give him credit.

Wardy's twin

Well-known member
Oct 21, 2014
To be honest pretty much everyone on NSC would have have had Kane off and a forward on . Watkins and Palmer were in form and unlucky not to start.

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