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[Football] Euros 2024 - Semi Final - Netherlands vs England

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
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Oct 8, 2003


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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
Will almost certainly be more entertaining and less depressing.
On the night of the Denmark game I was at The Komedia to see Randy Feltface.

I don't have anything booked for Sunday, which is surely good news for Dutchmen everywhere.


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Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex
Bart vs Lewis in the shootout tomorrow night



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Jul 5, 2003
I'm really looking forward to...

...seeing The Killers at the O2 tomorrow night with the tickets I bought seven months ago.
Saw them on Sunday. Definitely a lot more entertaining than anything England have served up so far!

Pogue Mahone

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Apr 30, 2011
I missed both the Slovenia and Slovakia games as I was at Glastonbury. I have no such excuse tomorrow, unfortunately.


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Apr 5, 2014
I'm really looking forward to...

...seeing The Killers at the O2 tomorrow night with the tickets I bought seven months ago.
We'll be watching the Joy Killers live from Germany.


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Jul 19, 2011
I'd rather Kane was sent off if there is a choice.
If Kane does get sent off I'd like it to be for his backing into a jumping defender on purpose. Think he got a penalty and injured Lallana with that one.
But we'll still somehow get to penalties and win them.


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Jan 24, 2009
This game promises to be far more open than England's other matches, so hopefully we can come out of our shell a little bit. The return of Shaw should return some balance to the side. The Dutch have been tremendously entertaining this tournament providing us with some completely hatstand football, I can see them being a huge threat, but also allowing us many more opportunities to score the we have had so far.

This should be a decent game, bring it on!

Herr Tubthumper

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Jul 11, 2003
The Fatherland
Good morning @Randy McNob , hope you're well and I look forward to your input to this match :thumbsup:


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Oct 19, 2003
Does it count if i get up at my normal time and watch the highlights?

I feel I have watched enough of this team for this tournament.

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