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[Albion] England Squad announcement shortly


We wunt be druv
Apr 11, 2016
Rape of Hastings, Sussex
I watched the 'highlights' of that Palace gimps press conference on SSN 20 minutes back. People still want to watch his team with Maguire in it and his justification for picking him? Christ.


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Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
I’d love to know what happened with White. He should be in the squad :shrug:

I knew no Brighton players would be picked, Southgate's squad is the same old same old, same trap as nearly all England managers fall into. Exactly the time to blood new players but no, favourites getting picked again. Depressing, I wish he’d done the right thing and quit after Qatar. We have no chance of winning a thing with him in charge, dinosaur in modern football
I agree. MAguire is the Belisha beacon . . .out of form for well over a year, not playing reularly, bla bla bla. All that says to me is a manager equally out of touch, not resting on, but clutching at some £2.99 Ebay laurels. He's never actually won anything has he?

If he had any history or form I'd cut him some slack, but he has nothing other than being mildly amusing in a pizza ad.

I'm glad none of our players are in the squad.


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Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
Define "gimp" !
We all know . . .

For the hard of hearing . . 'someone who likes to be dominated' . . . . There is no doubt he's an 'FA man' punching above his weight, playing the right game in the right club. He's furthered a career immeasurably by playing the right game, with the right people. . . . I have no issue with gimp as a description of this particular individual and his unexpected career trajectory.


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Nov 9, 2016
That Palace Bellend never ceases to amaze me, how can he pick fat Harry, is he completely disconnected from reality? I'm so glad none of our lads are playing for that pc prick, I detest him so much. He has destroyed so many talented English players by his negative tactics, how an earth he ever got the job in the first place is beyond me.


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Jun 3, 2004
Bath, Somerset.
The Tosser is warning that his successor will face a dearth of eligible English players - yet he ignores Solly and Dunkie!


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Apr 17, 2019
Kings Lynn
The Tosser is warning that his successor will face a dearth of eligible English players - yet he ignores Solly and Dunkie!
That really does show his ineptitude and lack of ability to notice talent unless the media put the names under his vision impairing nose.
He has no tactical nous but seems to notice that RDZ plays a different way without the slightest knowledge of how to incorporate any of it into his own limited ability of coaching.


Feb 8, 2005
While it would be nice to see Dunk and March in the squad I can’t help but think being ‘coached‘ by Southgate would do more harm than good. Potter and now RDZ are in a different world when it comes to tactics and coaching than that muppet.

Shooting Star

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Apr 29, 2011
Have taken some time to consider the selection after the initial "Solly's not in?!" reaction I had.

Unfortunately I think it's the right call from Gareth. As much as it'd have been exciting to see Solly and other debutants in the selection, Gareth is a pragmatist and the two games we've got are the top two teams in our qualifying group: Italy and Ukraine. This is the first time in his tenure that we realistically might not top the group and therefore getting maximum points must be the objective next week. This isn't the time to be blooding in new players, and as much as we love Solly, he's not going to be the difference between three points against the Italians.

I'd expect and hope Southgate will be more experimental in June when we face Malta and North Macedonia - games we can afford to take a few more risks in.


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Nov 26, 2007
Wolsingham, County Durham
The Tosser is warning that his successor will face a dearth of eligible English players - yet he ignores Solly and Dunkie!
Says he will have to start looking in the Championship soon, presumably because that's where Palace will end up.


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Dec 8, 2021
Solly must get a call up. If he doesnt FA should sack Southgate immediately. Welbeck should too, but Southgate is too thick to see his talent.


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Jan 22, 2010
Back in London
Eric Dier, Connor Coady and Harry Maguire ahead of Lewis Dunk, Levi Colwill and Fikayo Tomori? He may have created a happy workplace for the players but, tactically, he’s a moron.


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Sep 28, 2011
Has Southgate ever been to the Amex?

I can't recall him ever being at one of our games, which feels statistically unlikely.
I assume he still attends live games?


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Aug 8, 2005
I've been a big Southgate fan ever since he took the job. He took a team that couldn't care less about playing for England and changed all of that. I've backed him all the way for that as he has undoubtedly done better than all managers since Bobby Robson.

However I really thought after the world cup he would take the opportunity to look at some fresh faces and start to move the team forward. Some kind of mini revolution. But this squad pick is just the same old nonsense.

Where is Ben White? What the hell are Dier and Maguire still doing in there. Phillips has hardly played a game all season. What the hell?!!

Ps) I'm still heading to Naples on Thursday. What a fool.

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