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[Football] England new shirts


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Sep 15, 2004
Hurst Green
My son bought a shirt for the last World Cup. I bought him a couple of the cheaper shirts the BP garages were doing for a £5 each. The cheap ones were easily the best quality.


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Jul 28, 2011
If people are looking to build a collection, relatively cheaply, I can recommend Mystique Jerseys.

£39.99 and you get a random football shirt from pretty much anywhere on the planet (I've got a couple of Mexican clubs, Turkey, Spain). You'll also get a random scarf and some other knick-knacks (got an old Grimsby program in my last one :shrug:)

And if you order more than once you can also specify which shirts you've already got (Brighton) / don't ever want to get (Palace) and job done.


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Jul 6, 2003
I fear my Whoosh may not have been that obvious, sorry :D. £75 is scandalous, c£55 seems to be the norm in the UK, which is now almost as much as Europe, Asia and US prices, but is still a scandal.

As for the term 'replica' you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference from a few paces, the changes are subtle but the design is basically the same. Originally the players specification shirts were never for sale, that made them special, and a sure sign that they were the real thing. Now anyone can buy a player specification shirt, get it badged and numbered, and the tout it around as a real players match shirt, a lot of people are getting ripped off.

Something to bear in mind though, if you give a kid the kit of his/her favourite team he/she will live in it. They wash up brilliantly, stay brightly coloured, and will probably outlast plenty of cheap an nasty items you might pick up in Primark etc. You could argue it’s the best value clothing you can put a kid in. As for adults, with their home team shirt, it could well be worn to every home game, and probably some away games, again, they wash brilliantly, and you won’t be using, or looking to buy, any other tops to wear to footie matches.

I know we are talking about an England shirt here, of course that is a bit different, and it is both unpopular and extremely overpriced, give it six months and you’ll probably be able to find it for half price or less in JD Sports etc.

Yeah, sorry, missed the woosh! :lolol: I take your point about buying them for kids though. We used to get my son Newcastle shirts and as you say he absolutely lived in them all year round. (Yeah yeah, bad fan, should have been Brighton I know, but he saw Newcastle on the TV and wanted to support them). I don't remember baulking at the price though, I can't remember what they were but I always thought they were quite reasonable (although it was twenty years ago). Especially as we only had to buy him one or two items of clothing a year!


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May 21, 2014
It's only a rip off if it's poor quality, no one is forcing you anyone do buy them. If you don't want to pay that much, you can get retro shirts from Kitbag for £32 including delivery.

I just bought two Fred Perry polos for £130. You could buy similar quality without the logo on for a whole lot less but it was my decision and I don't feel that I'm being ripped off.


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Feb 19, 2006
I haven't bought an England shirt since the 2010 World Cup, and wanted the away shirt as soon as I saw it.

Based on the price, unless SportsDirect discount it (as they sometimes do), I'll give it a miss. As someone else said, there are some really nice retro versions of the 1970 World Cup kits, that I may purchase instead.

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Jul 17, 2003
Cleveland, OH
I regret not buying the new Albion shirt when I was home in the summer since I thought £55 was a bit steep and maybe I'd be able to find it cheaper later. Compared to the price on that ugly ass England shirt, it was a bargain.

Edit: Just for laughs, I looked up what a USMNT shirt was going for. $95 vs $86 for the England one.
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Nov 12, 2021
North Carolina USA
Still better than our new home shirt...:nono:



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Jul 14, 2013
The new away shirt is nice but it’s a copy of the 1990 Umbro away shirt.

Retro 90s available for £32

New away £75


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Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
My daughter ordered the grand kids shirts and shorts on a ‘dodgy’ website I think from China
£15 for the set and they look as good as originals, apparently all the parents at the school use the site..
took 3 weeks to arrive..

If anyone wants the link DM

Cutting out the middle man. . . .like it.

There's a camshaft company in Kent I used to deal with regularly, one of their parts ( 8 per engine ) were £90 a set

I get them from the manufacturer @ £1.50 each

Even a tory Chancellor in a pandemic can work that one out


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Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
I wouldn't buy it even if it was £5


Some years ago ( lost to Germany, multiple choice! ) I bought an Admiral 70's England shirt, just for fun, it was the first England shirt I had as a kid . . . From fleabay and Honk Kong . .it wasn't much more than a fiver . . . . It looked great, was extremely uncomfortable and a poor fit, almost guaranteed to be a major fire hazard, but survived the day.

Probably identical to an original thinking about it

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